Month: October 2018

  • A chance to learn English together

    A chance to learn English together

    They are from Russia, Israel, Iran and Bulgaria. Somehow, through fortunate circumstance, they now find themselves together, sitting around a table at the Greenwood Senior Center practicing English in the Talk Time program. A quick survey of their lives yields an astonishing variety of experiences. Heidi and her husband, Hashem, remember their home in Shiraz, Iran. “It was a beautiful house, with a big garden I plant with vegetables,” she says.... Hashem nods, recounting the abundance: “Radishes, basil, mint, celery and parsley.” He worked as a welding inspector of pipelines before coming to the United States... Another couple from Iran, Famina and Farhad, lived in Tehran, a teeming city of millions. “I had my own pharmacy,” she recalls....

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  • Business Spotlight: The Grinning Yogi

    Business Spotlight: The Grinning Yogi

    With so many places to exercise and practice yoga in Seattle, how do you differentiate and find the place that fits you?  One option that is nestled into our wonderful Phinney-Greenwood community is The Grinning Yogi. The Grinning Yogi was founded by Jamie Silverstein in 2012 with a simple mission: “to celebrate you, as you are, today”.  Fed up with the marketing of 'not enough' so rampant in the fitness world, Jamie espouses the power of acceptance, compassion and self-love. ...

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  • October 2018 Newsletter

    October 2018 Newsletter

    The newsletter is here! Find out what events and classes are happening at the Phinney Center and Greenwood Senior Center, and what's going on with PNA programs. Featured events include the Power of Community Breakfast, BPC's Gently Used Kids' Gear Sale, PNA Member Potluck & Orientation, Lives Well Lived movie event, Hunger Goblin' Trick or Treat, BPC's Halloween Party with Caspar Babypants, Earthquake Home Retrofit class, Day of the Dead Festival, and more!...

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  • On Oct 21, “Lives Well Lived” movie shares secrets, wit, and wisdom

    On Oct 21, “Lives Well Lived” movie shares secrets, wit, and wisdom

    We're excited to present a special screening of "Lives Well Lived," a new film by Sky Bergman, on Sunday, October 21, 2 pm, at the Greenwood Senior Center. "Lives Well Lived" celebrates the incredible wit, wisdom and experiences of adults aged 75 to 100 years old. Through their intimate memories and inspiring personal histories encompassing over 3000 years of experience, forty people share their secrets and insights to living a meaningful life. Their stories will make you laugh, perhaps cry, but mostly inspire you....

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  • Let’s talk! Join us for a focus group.

    Let’s talk! Join us for a focus group.

    As you have undoubtedly heard, we just a underwent a community survey process for our next strategic plan. Thank you so much if you participated! Now, we'd like to invite you to a community focus group. There will be snacks and drinks and we'll chat about what you want to see at the PNA. There are three sessions to choose from....

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