Month: February 2019

  • The spring Review is out

    The spring Review is out

    If you're a Phinney-Greenwood resident or a PNA member, keep an eye on the mail for your copy of the spring Review. If you're not - or you want a sneak peek - you can read it online or pick it up at the Phinney Center or the  Greenwood Senior Center. You can also grab a copy at the following libraries: Greenwood, Ballard, Green Lake, and Broadview. Find out what fun and educational stuff is going on in the next few months at the Phinney Center and Greenwood Senior Center. Plus, meet a bus driver who does much more than just drive, get the background on PNA's Holi Festival of Colors event, ring in spring with some relaxing activities, and plan your kids' summer fun. Click "read more" to read it online now. ...

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  • KUOW: What’s that big yellow box perched on Phinney Ridge?

    KUOW: What’s that big yellow box perched on Phinney Ridge?

    By Katherine Banwell. It's canary yellow, the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, and weighs nearly three tons. Located on a tower near Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, it's one of the biggest air raid sirens ever built. It's silent now, but from the early 1950s to the early 1970s, the siren went off every Wednesday at noon. It was loud enough to be heard a mile and half away. The students at the John B. Allen elementary school right next door — today the Phinney Neighborhood Association — would scramble under their desks, cover their heads and practice their ‘duck and cover’ techniques....

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  • Business Spotlight: Darci Gillespie, Realtor

    Business Spotlight: Darci Gillespie, Realtor

    With seemingly as many realtors are there are houses on the market, how does one make an informed choice on who to trust with what will likely be the biggest financial decision of their life?  One of the most popular ways to establish this relationship is by personal referral, which is how local agent and resident Darci Gillespie gets nearly all of her new clients.  Her mantra is simple: provide consistent, excellent service to everyone....

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  • blog to be powered by the PNA blog to be powered by the PNA

    After nearly 10 and half years of running, Doree Armstrong and Dale Steinke have said goodbye and have graciously passed the baton to the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA). The PNA is grateful for all Doree and Dale have dedicated to our community and feel honored to keep the blog running.  We plan to re-launch the blog in late February and are actively looking for volunteer contributors and will be providing advertising opportunities for local businesses. Chris Maykut from our team will be leading – we welcome you to connect with him directly at [email protected]  We want to hear from YOU! What kinds of stories do you want to see? What don’t you want to see? We want to hear it all to help inform the future of the blog. Please click ""read more" to complete a short survey about the types of stories and information you’d like to read by February 26. Thank you!...

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  • Snow update for Friday, Feb 15: OPEN

    Snow update for Friday, Feb 15: OPEN

    Yay! Still open! We’ve got our major walkways and driveway entries clear at Phinney Center and Greenwood Senior Center. Side streets and parking lots still have snow and slush, so be careful!*** Greenwood Senior Center's Valentine's Luncheon scheduled for today has been postponed. It's now a St. Patrick's Day Luncheon on March 15.***Saturday's Village Recruitment Coffee Hour has been canceled, and will be rescheduled- so stay tuned. ***Click "read more" for activity updates and the link to our snow/refund policy. ...

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  • February 2018 Newsletter

    February 2018 Newsletter

    The newsletter is here! Find out what events and classes are happening at the Phinney Center and Greenwood Senior Center, and what's going on with PNA programs- and how you can get involved....

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