Month: December 2019

  • Kids serve up community soup

    Kids serve up community soup

    The North Seattle 5’s, a co-op preschool housed in St. John’s Lutheran Church, recently asked the PNA if they could host a food drive for the Hot Meal Program. The school was very enthusiastic about the food drive and interested in helping the kids understand how the food connected back to the diners served on a weekly basis. The Hot Meal Program decided to have the kids make a giant pot of “community soup” for the evening’s dinner at the kitchen, also at St. John’s Lutheran Church. The kids arrived eager to chop vegetables, add spices and create! After chopping veggies, each preschooler put their individual ingredients into one giant pot and all stirred together with a wooden ladle that has been part of the kitchen for over 20 years....

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  • Through the Seasons: Winter at a Glance

    Through the Seasons: Winter at a Glance

    Wondering what to do in your garden in winter? For many homeowners and aspiring gardeners, laying out a game plan for regular care and upkeep can feel like a daunting task. Knowing just when to plant, prune, fertilize, etc. also has a huge effect on the overall health, success, and yield of your garden. So where to begin? Check out this step-by-step home and garden maintenance guide for winter, developed by PNA's gardener and groundskeeper, Eddie Strange. ...

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  • In the News! Winter Festival on New Day Northwest

    In the News! Winter Festival on New Day Northwest

    Check out our own new TV star, Jessie, on King 5's New Day NW, talking up this weekend's 39th Annual PNA Winter Festival and Crafts Fair with Margaret Larson. She did the PNA proud! Click "Read more" to watch!...

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  • December 2019 Newsletter

    December 2019 Newsletter

    The newsletter is here! Find out what events and classes are happening at the Phinney Center and Greenwood Senior Center, and what's going on with PNA programs- and how you can get involved....

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