Month: October 2021

  • Take a fall stroll on Greenwood’s Stay Healthy Street

    Take a fall stroll on Greenwood’s Stay Healthy Street

    Where can you find a one-eared rabbit, a smoke tree, hard cider and a Buddhist monastery all in a single Greenwood walk? That would be along a stretch of First Avenue Northwest, selected by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) as the first permanent Stay Healthy Street in northwest Seattle. Walking or biking the length of it makes for a day-trip adventure with quirky discoveries along the way....

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  • Business Spotlight: Sip and Ship

    Business Spotlight: Sip and Ship

    The concept of Sip and Ship was hatched in Diana Naramore’s kitchen over a cup of coffee with her husband Steve. Diana recalls the two tossing around ideas of how they could diversify and improve the concept of traditional mailing systems, and she decided to fold in coffee shop and gift shop elements. Today, the Sip and Ship locations in Ballard and Greenwood offer on-site and remote mailboxes, shipping, notary, and printing services along with great coffee and fun merchandise to peruse....

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  • Greenwood Senior Center Launches Project to Increase Social Connection

    Greenwood Senior Center Launches Project to Increase Social Connection

    Recently the Greenwood Senior Center launched a project to increase social connection among older adults, spurred by statistics on the negative health impacts of social isolation. Lack of social connection has been shown to increase health risks as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. More than one in four adults aged 50+ reported that they felt isolated before the COVID-19 pandemic began, and that number jumped to more than one in two in 2020. Learn more about our new social connection project in this new article on the Aging King County Blog....

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  • The Theme of Friendship

    The Theme of Friendship

    Pick a random coin from your pocket or your change jar. Look at the date on the coin and think back. What were you doing that year? Have a favorite childhood memory? An interesting job? A trip? This is just one of the activities (or “themes”) that neighbors participated in, getting to know each other as part of the PNA Village Pod program. They meet once a month, without fail, connecting in the most interesting way. ...

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  • Final voting for holiday lighting animal designs

    Final voting for holiday lighting animal designs

    Finally... after community steering committee meetings, engagement with makers, design meetings, and neighborhood polls, we have the animals and silhouettes for the new holiday lighting tradition ready to vote on! There was an exceptional number of votes for different animals than originally conceived of, which is reflected in the final six animals. See the designs and cast your vote by October 10!...

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  • The journey not expected

    The journey not expected

    As a veteran flight attendant who’s pretty much seen everything the human condition can throw at her, Shirley Purkey thought she could handle just about any situation. But when her husband, Craig, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago, she found her limit. “When this came along, it really took me down. I was feeling lost. I didn’t know which way to turn or how it would progress,” she says. “My daughter lives in Greenwood and she said, ‘You know, I wish you and dad would get involved at the Greenwood Senior Center. It has so much going on.’ "...

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  • 2021 Art Walk posters available for preorder!

    2021 Art Walk posters available for preorder!

    Did you love the design of this year's PhinneyWood Art Walk poster? Did you miss out on snagging one of the few extras for sale? Because of the high demand for the poster from this year's 25th BIG Art Walk, we are doing a special second run of this beautiful art piece that graced the September 10-11 event. Preorder yours by Friday, October 31! Proceeds benefit Phinney-Greenwood business district recovery. ...

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  • Business Spotlight: Dabble

    Business Spotlight: Dabble

    Dabble is a fully outfitted drop-in art studio that opened its doors in June 2021. The studio was created as a place for people to work on art whether they had art experience or not, and to do it with as low a barrier as possible. Owner Dave Wheeler says, “Think of it as a health club for your creative side.” You can learn more about PNA Business Member Dabble in this Business Spotlight and start planning your next art session today! ...

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