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  • Phinney Center Gallery

    Phinney Center Gallery

    ...he taught in Poland and Hungary as a Fulbright Lecturer before returning to Seattle to teach at Cornish College of the Arts and Pratt Fine Arts Center. Since 2005, he has created about 25 exhibitions as an independent curator, most recently at Carkeek Park, Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), and......

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  • Hot Meal Program

    Hot Meal Program ⁠Our list can be found here. Volunteer To donate food or supplies, contact Krissie Dillin at [email protected] or 206.783.2244   About the Program The Hot Meal Program has remained open during the COVID pandemic when many other meal programs have had to shut down. At the beginning of the......

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  • Whittier Kids

    Whittier Kids

    ...academic, and physical. Teachers present environments and activities that are consciously designed to address these domains through opportunities to explore literacy, science, math, art, music, social studies, and physical education.   Donate to Whittier Kids   (Write in “Whittier Kids in the space provided to designate your gift. Thank you!)......

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  • Volunteer, in the time of COVID-19

    Volunteer, in the time of COVID-19 purchase a gift card for food items that Amazon won’t let us put on the wish list (like hand sanitizer!), use the email address [email protected] Thank you! Questions? Email us. [back to top] One-on-One Tech Mentors Use your mad skillz to teach seniors and others how to use......

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  • Community Survey FAQs

    Community Survey FAQs help! By reaching out now we hope to learn from our community and get to know it better. Plus, introduce the PNA of 2022! What are the goals of the project? The main goal of the project is to learn more about our community’s health and to try to......

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  • PNA Village Leadership

    ...Olander Alex O’Reilly Kavan Peterson Donald Swisher Helen Wattley-Ames Program Committees Program Committees carry out work that is essential to the ongoing function of the Village Program. Business Vetting Committee Meets 1st Thursdays at 11 AM, via Zoom The Business Vetting Committee helps members find trusted vendors that we recommend......

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  • Volunteer : Board & Committees

    Volunteer : Board & Committees

    PNA Volunteer Committees: Champions Committee | EDI Committee | Finance Committee | Site Committee | PNA Business Events Committee | PNA Village Business Vetting Committee PNA Village Business Vetting Committee Help find trusted vendors for our specific community of seniors. Ideal volunteers enjoy research and are detail-oriented. Meet first Thursdays......

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  • How It All Started

    ...the top priority issues in the neighborhood. Krandel broke the area up into two-block segments and went door to door talking to residents about the process and inviting them to participate in the block meetings. At each session, he would ask people to talk about their concerns and to brainstorm......

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  • Other Businesses/Organizations

    ...through: (Gift certificates will be mailed to you.) -Purchasing art from artist members of the Collective (links to their work available through the website) (Individual artists’ sales can be arranged directly through the artist.) -Purchasing merchandise from the Collective (available through the website) Updated: 4/10/2020 Greenwood Family Dental Clinic......

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  • Community Woodshop

    Community Woodshop

    Imagine a 400 square foot room containing a monstrous 102-year old radiator, 4-foot tall fan, broken windows, and ugly green paint. You might think: nightmare. But for a small group of woodworking enthusiasts, they thought: community woodshop! It all started with the vision of two neighborhood friends (their kids played......

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