A fond farewell to Board President Veronica Iocco

A fond farewell to Board President Veronica Iocco
By ana-maria

Veronica Iocco and Executive Director Christi Beckley

We are sad to announce that PNA Board President Veronica Iocco has moved away from Seattle and has resigned from the Board. We will miss Veronica’s compassionate leadership and dedication to the PNA. Gabe Murphy, former Vice President, has taken the reins as President, and Helen Wattley-Ames was voted in as Vice President (See the leadership page to meet them.)

Please take a moment to read Veronica’s parting words to the community:


Dearest PNA Community,

It is with gratitude and peace that I share with you my forthcoming resignation as a PNA Board Member and President. An exciting job opportunity has presented itself and will require my family to temporarily relocate to San Antonio, Texas. This change will take effect on July 9th.

With three years of board service, I am proud to see the strength and resiliency of the staff, board, businesses, and community at large.  There have been undeniable valleys and inspiring peaks.  In my heart, there is appreciation for the PNA staff and Leadership Team who invested their trust and time in working with the board. You have educated and provided us with critical insight into your careers, values, and personal lives.  Please know that your kindness and friendship are truly valued.

To past and present board members, thank you for allowing me to work beside you. The range of experiences and knowledge you bring into our gatherings is a gift and it is an honor to serve with you all.  How strange to consider that due to the pandemic we have either never met or haven’t seen each other in person for almost a year and a half!  Thank you for leaning into this work and for guiding the organization into a future yet unknown.

To our community, thank you for holding us accountable and for providing us with the opportunity to grow and demonstrate our commitment to building community – your trust is an immense investment and I value your faith in the work we do together.

I look forward to seeing which exciting and powerful spaces the PNA will next explore.  Should I find my way back into town, I will also find my way back to the PNA with a heart and mind full of fond memories.  There will be a strong community here as long as the individuals within it move and grow in unity.


Veronica Iocco
Former PNA Board President