Business Spotlight: Ardor Creative Media

Business Spotlight: Ardor Creative Media
By ana-maria

Amanda Drewniak – Ardor Creative Media

Ardor Creative Media is a “NO BULLS***” nonprofit for film and filmmakers. Executive Director Amanda Drewniak says, “I love what I do. I love filming, and I love putting the film community together.” She hosts screenings of local films, produces films, and makes films herself. Ardor Creative Media recently won a best music video award for a lyric music video called “(I wanna meet) Bill Nye.”

Amanda and her husband Alex have lived in Seattle for three years. In visiting Seattle before moving up, Amanda felt that the film scene was pretty small here. She liked the idea of entering a growing scene, so the two of them transplanted here. They found an apartment they loved here in Greenwood. When Amanda found the Screening Room at Naked City, it all fell into place. She worked with Naked City to put together her regular Cine City movie screenings, and also started screening local films for kids in the maker space at Seattle ReCreative.

Cine City is an all-ages event, and Amanda offers some parental guidance for each film. Amanda says, “Screening films shows that there are really creative people in the community, and this is something people really need to see.”

Amanda runs Ardor Creative Media while Alex maintains the website. Amanda is currently producing a feature film, Paranormal Investigators, which is looking for shooting locations in the Seattle area. Amanda is excited about working to bring the Seattle film community together and helping it grow.

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Originally published in PNA’s The Review, Summer 2018
by Alex Gramps, photo by Chris Maykut