We asked…we listened: PNA looks to the future with help from community survey

We asked…we listened: PNA looks to the future with help from community survey
By ana-maria

By Mary Campbell

In the fall, we asked the community to contribute to our strategic planning process, and we were blown away by the response.

Over 900 people took the time to share their thoughts through our online survey and in-person focus groups. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We incorporated your input as we developed the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Strategic Priorities for the next three years (2019–2021).

These priorities reflect the current values that we commit to placing at the forefront of our decision making:


  1. Build a culture of equity and inclusion
  2. Nurture broad, diverse revenue streams
  3. Foster innovation, engagement, and community partnerships
  4. Steward PNA’s owned and leased facilities

“We love that there is such a vibrant community center and consider it one of the most attractive elements of living in the area.”

Through our programming at the Phinney Center, the Greenwood Senior Center, Whittier Kids, our preschool programs, and our Hot Meal Program, the PNA serves a broad community about which we learned a great deal.

The farmers market, community events, plus our classes and educational programming are enjoyed by people from all demographics. People are also glad to see us offer more diverse cultural programming with events such as Holi and Día de los Muertos.

Respondents said they most value the PNA for providing a community gathering place and offering free and low-cost programming.

“Great work is being done by PNA – from concerts to hot meals, to children’s programs to senior services, there is a breadth of options. Anything to build community is good as Seattle is changing. Thank you!”

Many people echoed this sentiment; the PNA is doing great work in our community.

We also heard helpful suggestions for improvement. While most people surveyed agree that the PNA provides robust programming, nearly half would like to see us do more.

Seniors depend on our programs at the Senior Center and the Village, and hope to see improved accessibility.

One-third of responses came from parents with young children who value our child care, take advantage of our art gallery and tool library programs, and lament their lack of free time to participate as much as they would like.

Adults without children appreciate the business community and the PNA’s fostering of community partnerships.

There is great enthusiasm for PNA’s support of small community-driven projects and collaborations.

“I would love to see more diversity, in color, in race, in income…”

Our community clearly values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We heard the perspectives of several groups in particular who are not in the majority (15% lower income, 13% non-white and 20% renters responding) and how they feel, or don’t feel, included in our community.

Our Leadership Team and Board of Directors has begun working with Racial Equity Consultants, LLC, to address seriously and effectively the issue of diversity and equity in our community. We are dedicated to making all community members feel welcomed and engaged and to reconsider any aspect of our work that is not supporting that goal.

As we embarked on a new year with the insights you have so graciously provided, we are excited to continue our work as a thriving community resource while building on these freshly honed priorities for our future.

Read our 2019-2021 Strategic Framework 

As always, if you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to share them: 206.783.2244, [email protected].