Business Spotlight: Bellydancersize with Zaphara

Business Spotlight: Bellydancersize with Zaphara
By ana-maria

Zaphara Delmarter

“You light up – you flower. You find you have more self-esteem, you’re more outgoing,” explains Zaphara about learning to belly dance.

Zaphara Delmarter was born in Seattle to Greek parents and has lived here her whole life. Her dad had a barber shop downtown during her childhood, and she was named after her grandmother. The name comes from Zephyros  (Gr: Ζεφυρος), Greek God of the west wind.

She started belly dance in the 70’s, when she was looking for a new way to get some exercise. After trying several classes, she found she really loved belly dance. She developed a strong passion for mastering the isolations and undulations it demands, and soon began traveling the world to learn and teach the art.

Now, Zaphara teaches two classes a week at the Phinney Center, Bellydancersize by Zaphara, both on Tuesday evenings; Beginning, from 7-8 pm, and Intermediate/Advanced, from 8-9 pm. Classes are all-ages and low impact, and students get lots of individual attention. Zaphara says classes are “very fun, social, and empowering.”

Zaphara’s students come to her classes because they’re a safe and welcoming space where they can get a great workout. She makes a point to encourage folks who feel they can’t do something, to give students space to explore and learn at their own pace, and to help everyone realize they can do so much more than they might have thought. She says, “When the students finally solo in class, their confidence soars, and they get this huge smile on their face…and that’s what it’s all about!”


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Originally published in PNA’s The Review, Summer 2018
by Alex Gramps, photo by Chris Maykut