Bingo Karaoke Returns to the Greenwood Senior Center

Bingo Karaoke Returns to the Greenwood Senior Center
By mattc

Sights from the Jingle Bell Bingo test event at the Greenwood Senior Center on Dec. 10, 2021.

Bingo Karaoke is back! After a successful Jingle Bell Bingo test event that raised more than $6,400, we’re excited to help more bingo lovers get their game on this February at the Greenwood Senior Center. We’ll play all the hits: raucous bingo, righteous karaoke tunes, and rounds of fun snacks and drinks. And, of course, Bingo Karaoke super host Jeanne Barwick will call the shots! We recently caught up with Jeanne to learn about how she keeps the bingo fun rolling.

Bingo caller Jeanne Barwick addresses the crowd and reads a ball.Caller Jeanne Barwick riles up the crowd and calls numbers at pre-2020 Bingo Karaoke events. Right Photo: King5Evening

How did you first get involved with calling bingo at the GSC?

One sunny afternoon a long time ago, I came into the GSC for our Fundraising Committee meeting. I noticed a small group of seniors huddled around a table playing bingo. They had fired up the bingo blower and had the balls flying and the lightboard was flashing, counting the balls that had been pulled. They were having a pretty good time. I pulled up a chair to observe the action. And, it grew from there.

The committee loved the idea of bingo and we already had the equipment. Why not try it? Then the true stroke of genius: Cecily, our leader [PNA Senior Programs Director], said “Hey, why not add karaoke? I love to sing!” It took a while to work out the details. but it became wildly popular from the start. The younger followers caught on and suddenly we had an ideal mix of young and old. Something we’d always longed to accomplish with our fundraising events.

What’s your secret to keeping a bingo crowd energized and engaged?

The secret to keeping the crowd energized and engaged is to keep things rolling—lots of swearing, lots of laughter, lots of loud!

…I like it to be about the audience. That’s who we’ll talk about at the end of the night. Karaoke makes bingo more fun.

Holiday-dressed volunteer behind a drink station with wine in hand to serve the bingo crowdVolunteers serve the crowd drinks at the Jingle Bell Bingo test event.

Why do you think Bingo Karaoke has become such a popular night out at the GSC?

Karaoke Bingo at the Senior Center with beer and wine and snacks! What could be better?

What does it feel like when you’re on stage with a hyped bingo crowd hanging on every call?

Oh man, it’s the greatest. And we get to hand out money! How often does that happen on a cheap date?

How excited are you for Bingo Karaoke coming back?

…I’m looking forward to getting back to it. Aren’t we all? It has been a ****ing long time.

Bingo close-up photos captured from video by: King5Evening

Bingo Karaoke is a party with a cause: all proceeds support our GSC programs and activities for seniors like yoga and dance, painting and writing, meals, and support groups.

Bingo Karaoke returns on Fri, 2/25! Mark your calendars because tickets go on sale Tues, 2/1 at 10am and we expect them to sell FAST. Capacity is reduced and proof of vaccination and masks are required to help keep everyone safe. See you in 2022!