Blood Donors Save Lives

Blood Donors Save Lives
By ana-maria

By Molly Firth…In my 20’s, I gave blood a few times but stopped when it became unproductive due to iron level deferrals. I didn’t know that my life would someday be saved by blood donors.

While pregnant, our goal was to deliver a healthy baby naturally. As with everything on our long journey to parenthood, childbirth was far from what we expected! After 24 hours, a C-section was needed to deliver our big healthy girl. We were elated to meet her.

But the moment was brief because I soon lost consciousness. My husband and our newborn were escorted out because I was hemorrhaging due to undiagnosed placenta accreta – the placenta had grown too deeply into my uterine wall. Hours later, I woke up alone in the Intensive Care Unit, where I learned seven units of blood product and other interventions had been needed to save my life.

Our family is committed to giving back because without blood donors, my husband would be raising our daughter alone. We hosted a blood drive on our daughter’s 1st birthday. I recently became a Trustee of Bloodworks Northwest because of their amazing work to collect blood and save lives in our community, while conducting important blood research.

I hope you will join me to give blood and help save lives, drop by drop. One in three people need a blood transfusion in their lifetime – you or someone you love may one day need it.

The PNA hosts Bloodworks Northwest blood drives quarterly.

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