Meet our educators!

woman with brown hair and a blue shirt

Christine Miller, Teacher

Infants, Toddlers, 3-5s/Pre-K

Hi! My name is Christine Miller. I found my passion for Early Childhood Education when I enrolled my daughter at Ballard Preschool Co-op. She started in the Infants class and we grew and learned together all the way through the 3-5s class. When my second daughter was born, I enrolled her at the co-op too! When they both graduated to elementary, I decided it was time to explore my next steps in Early Childhood Education, and received my BAS in Early Childhood Education from North Seattle College in Spring 2021. I am so thankful to jump into my career as an educator here at Ballard Preschool Co-op, where I’ve found community, connection, and joy! My goal is to provide a safe and welcoming space where children can comfortably explore, grow and connect with others and the environment surrounding them. In my free time, I love to draw with my daughters, go on walks, read, go to coffee shops, try out new recipes, eat my favorite foods, and spend quality time with family and friends!


Katie Grant, Teacher


Hi, I’m Teacher Katie! I’ve been teaching young children for over 2 decades, spanning toddlers through tutoring high school students. While teaching at early childhood centers, I began to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education, which I completed in Spring of 2016. I first joined the co-op world when my daughter was 2, and quickly became attached to the format and community it provides for families. I joined BPC as the 2s teacher in 2019, and am excited to return in 2021 as students resume in-person classes. My philosophy when teaching young children is “to meet them where they are, engage them using topics they are naturally interested in, and always remain flexible in the classroom environment.”


Mary-Megan Linder, Parent Educator

Hi, my name is Mary-Megan. I’m an experienced facilitator, parent support group leader, teacher, and parent educator with over 25 years of experience. I hold an MS in Educational Psychology/Counseling from the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, and believe in the power of community and the importance of social connections. Ballard Preschool Co-op is a dynamic and supportive community. Parent education helps promote parental resilience and supports families to thrive. My husband and I raised three children in the Seattle area and now live in Edmonds. I love to garden, spend time with family, and continue to grow community.