The ‘Power of Community’ a success for senior programs

The ‘Power of Community’ a success for senior programs
By ana-maria

Nurturing curiosity. Asking “What If?” And an unwavering passion for innovative, community-based programming.

On Thursday, October 3,  Lee Harper, our outgoing Executive Director, reminded us why the Greenwood Senior Center and the PNA Village are so special.

But it’s thanks to the incredible generosity our community that they are so successful.

Our Ninth Annual Power of Community Breakfast: Nurturing Curiosity raised more than $60,000 from 150+ community members for senior programming.

We are so very grateful for the time and generosity of our guests, and ALL the supporters. of the PNA. THANK YOU for being such a vital piece of our community.

You can still support this effort and the well-being of our community’s seniors with a gift.