Business Spotlight: Dabble

Business Spotlight: Dabble
By mattc

Dave Wheeler, owner of Dabble. Photo: Karla Rava

By Karla Rava

Dabble is a fully outfitted drop-in art studio that opened its doors in June 2021. The studio was created as a place for people to work on art whether they had art experience or not, and to do it with as low a barrier as possible. Owner Dave Wheeler says, “Think of it as a health club for your creative side.”

Dave is a Seattle transplant originally from central Wyoming. He went to Brigham Young University–Idaho for Graphic Design and Illustration then the School of Visual Arts–New York City where he earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration. Over the years, Dave has been a freelance illustrator for magazines, advertising agencies, and newspapers like the Seattle PI, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal. While running Dabble, Dave still freelances and has recently wrote and illustrated his first toddler book called New House. When Dave is not immersed in creating art, he enjoys cooking and is an avid skier.

Man sitting next to a desk in an art studio, smiling and looking at the camera.Man sitting next to a desk in an art studio, smiling and looking at the camera.Dave says, “Dabble is a place for anyone to come work on art regardless of experience. I am happy to help people get started or to get feedback on a project, but I also want customers to feel free to work and learn on their own. No one will look at or comment on anyone’s work unless the creator of the work asks for feedback.”

In the pipeline, Dave would like to offer membership in addition to the current drop-in model. He’s also planning to have festive social events like themed drawing nights in costumes and to participate in art walks. For more information on Dabble, please visit