Business Spotlight: Phinney Books

Business Spotlight: Phinney Books
By mattc

By Cathie Scott, PNA Village Member

Tom Nissley, owner of Phinney Books, attributes the survival of his store to the many people who value independent bookstores in Seattle. The fact that Phinney Books has not only survived since 2014 but also thrived has much to do with Tom and his dedication to his customers and neighborhood.

The dedication works both ways. His loyal staff of six have been working there for over four years with no sign of leaving anytime soon. They all live within walking distance, which means the store can keep its doors open even in snowy weather.

And then there are the customers who keep coming back. They’ve come to rely on Tom’s personal touch. He’ll greet them with “I’ve got just the book for you.” The store carries a variety of genres, while also reflecting customer preferences. For example, the number of nature books for adults and graphic novels for children has grown over the years—not to mention the vast array of puzzles for sale.

Books on tables and shelves inside Phinney Books

When he first opened, Tom expected that some people would browse his shelves and then go home and order a book from online sellers like Amazon. Just the opposite has happened. Customers see books on these sites and buy them from him. Of course, Phinney Books offers online purchase, too.

You can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter, featuring book recommendations, new releases, and event news, and even sign up to regularly receive books that Tom and his staff have selected.

So, what are you waiting for? Come in and make yourself at home in one of the cozy chairs waiting for you at the back of the store.

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