Business Spotlight: RefreshFotos

Business Spotlight: RefreshFotos
By mattc

Mirja Heide and Belle. Photo: Jill Flynn

By Karla Rava

Many of us have photos dispersed over multiple mediums with the intentions of eventually consolidating and putting them in a safe place. But many of us never get around to it and they stay living on our smartphones, computers, flash drives, and in Dropbox. This is where tech consultant, instructor, Certified Photo Manager and FOREVER® Ambassador, Mirja Heide can be of assistance.

Originally from Denmark, Mirja is the sole proprietor of RefreshFotos and says her business is about “connection, discovery, learning, creativity, and storytelling.”

She started the first iteration of her business in 1999 providing IT training and consulting services to businesses, organizations, and home computer users in Vero Beach, Florida. She helped clients understand and use technology effectively to meet their needs, focusing on PC training.

With time and changing technology, her business expanded to include teaching PC and Mac classes with topics ranging from office applications to iPhone/iPad skills, including iPhone photography and digital photo organizing. In 2014, she rebranded her business name to RefreshFotos to reflect the evolution of her business.

Mirja says, “Today, I specialize in digital photo management and training for Apple products as well as FOREVER® permanent online storage for digital photos which is both Mac and PC based. My aim is to inspire clients to preserve their memories, create with their photos, and share the stories of their lives. Our photos, captured in both day-to-day moments and during special events, are precious reminders of our life’s experiences. They are an essential part of our legacy to our loved ones.”

When Mirja is not helping her clients reconnect with their treasured moments, she enjoys cooking healthy foods, camping in the Northwest, and hiking with her boyfriend and their two dogs. For more information, visit her at