Business Spotlight: Sound Seismic

Business Spotlight: Sound Seismic
By nathanb

Sound Seismic was born as an idea in the heart of Phinney. Leif Jackson and his brother Erik were working for a contractor, and Erik was assigned to work on an earthquake retrofit project. Erik went to one of Roger Faris’ Earthquake Home Retrofit classes at the PNA, and the class completely changed his view of how to do a good retrofit. Leif took Roger’s next class, and they realized there was a huge opportunity to make a big difference in people’s lives and get more retrofits done better. Nowadays, Leif and Erik co-own both Sound Seismic and Jackson Design Build; Leif primarily works at Sound Seismic and Erik primarily works at Jackson Design Build.

Sound Seismic is currently growing from three crews to four crews, each of which does about 50 retrofits a year. They are currently hiring for a new crew, and Leif encourages folks to send in resumes.

PhinneyWood “feels like the epicenter of earthquake awareness” to Leif. He says the homeowners he works with in this neighborhood recognize the need for earthquake retrofitting and are willing to prioritize it. That makes him feel that his work is truly appreciated.

Leif says, “I feel that we owe the PNA, Roger Faris and Tony Holder a ton of the credit for our success.” Tony Holder, who passed away in 2017, taught earthquake retrofit classes alongside Roger for several years. “Tony always referred to us as colleagues, and Roger basically created the profession,” says Leif.

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