Business Spotlight: Cat Ladies Cat Sitting

Business Spotlight: Cat Ladies Cat Sitting
By nathanb

Heidi and Coco Herman started Cat Ladies Cat Sitting together about three and a half years ago, and now have hundreds of cat sitting clients all over Seattle. Heidi has lived in the Phinney area for about 12 years, and Coco moved here in 2014. Their favorite things about being in this area are all the trees, the neighborhood vibe, and all the families in the area. They love the ZooTunes concerts, going to the Art Walk – especially The BIG One Art Walk in May, the PNA’s Winter Festival, Pie Jousting at Sully’s and Tuesday trivia at The Park Pub.

Heidi and Coco really value taking care of their clients’ cats as if they were their own. They keep careful notes and photos for each cat so they can accommodate special requests and preferences. “[The cats] are really people’s children” in many cases, says Heidi, and they are careful to treat them with the same care.

As Cat Ladies Cat Sitting expands, Heidi and Coco are looking for new independent contractors to work with them. “The job is more involved than people expect,” they say. Contractors need to be able to manage their time well, find their way around the city, and be very dependable. Employees are paid by the stop, rather than by the hour, so efficiency and time management skills are key. Coco and Heidi plan out routes for everyone who works for them, with efficiency in mind. A full day of work is about 10 stops, allowing for travel time and a long-ish lunch break in the middle of the day. Coco mentions that they were really smart to be organized from the start – business is booming and their organization early on is paying off!

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