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  • Calling all new PhinneyWood pets!

    Calling all new PhinneyWood pets!

    Are you a pet who became a new member of a Phinney-Greenwood household in the past year? We want to hear from your pet parent!  We are writing an article for the PNA's Review newspaper about pets adopted or acquired during the pandemic and we have a short survey for folks who have a new furry, feathered, or scaly friend! There's even an option to upload a photo, which means you might even get to see your cute self in print! So, please go ask your human to help out the PNA and take five minutes to answer some easy questions by April 15 about their favorite topic -- you!  ...

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  • Members Make Us…

    Members Make Us…

    This month, we're launching our annual PNA Membership Campaign to show our appreciation for our incredible members, and to (hopefully) engage new folks to join. For the last 41 years, members have been the backbone of the PNA. Our staff spent some time reflecting on some of the stories that our neighbors have shared with us—especially in this past year—of ways that being part of the PNA community has impacted their lives. We know that the PNA wouldn’t exist without our members. Members make us—and our community—Meaningful, Engaged, Motivated, Build(ers), Essential, Resourceful, and Strong(er). ...

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  • The Review Quarterly: Spring online edition

    The Review Quarterly: Spring online edition

    Spring is almost here, and PNA is bustling! In this issue, we've got some exciting news to share, some fun events coming up, and some new stuff to learn about. ...

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  • PNA welcomes new Executive Director, Christi Beckley

    PNA welcomes new Executive Director, Christi Beckley

    With the support of our amazing community, we have been able to adapt to the changes of the past year and prepare for the future.  After a collaborative process that included feedback from staff, board, and community members, we are excited to announce the most recent development at the PNA: the hiring of our new Executive Director, Christi Beckley.  ...

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  • Greenwood Senior Center gets a lift for accessibility

    When folks return to the Greenwood Senior Center when it's safe, they'll be greeted with a new feature: a platform lift to navigate the two-story building, plus more space improvements. This much-needed accessibility project was funded by the King County Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy. Learn all about the project, and watch mini video updates on the progress. ...

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  • PNA Play Passage promotes active fun

    PNA Play Passage promotes active fun

    More fun for the kiddos! The PNA Play Passage is a grant-funded, play-focused project comprising painted elements in the lower lot and nature-based play structures like rocks, logs, and climbing elements in the outdoor classroom south of the Blue Building. Check out a video tour and learn about the project!...

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  • Dental services come to Hot Meal Program

    Dental services come to Hot Meal Program

    Soon, neighbors who visit the Hot Meal Program will have access to free dental care, thanks to the Medical Teams International Mobile Dental van! The clinic will take place once a month on Tuesdays at St. John Lutheran, starting Feb 2.  Read more and check out a virtual tour of the van. ...

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  • Stewarding our historic site: Brick Building electrical study

    Stewarding our historic site: Brick Building electrical study

    Keeping up with our historic buildings is critical, although perhaps not as exciting as some of the other work that we do. Right now, we’re finishing up an electrical assessment and documentation update of our Phinney Center Brick Building, funded by a 4Culture Preservation Special Projects grant. ...

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  • Closed Monday, January 18

    Closed Monday, January 18

    The Phinney Center and the Greenwood Senior Center Online will be closed to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, January 18. The free Hot Meal Program will run as usual from 4-6 pm at Greenwood Senior Center....

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  • Feeling isolated? PNA Village can help

    Feeling isolated? PNA Village can help

    The PNA Village program has been supporting our older neighbors since 2012, and amidst the pandemic, is providing essential services to keep Village members connected to the community and safe at home. As we enter winter, we are increasingly concerned—not about how people will get their groceries or prescriptions; we’ve got that figured out—but how people will get through these darker days while coping with isolation. The Village now has a free option called “Friend of the Village” specifically for anyone who is struggling with isolation but may not need other volunteer services at this time. Membership includes access to all Village online events and activities, weekly check-in calls, outdoor distanced visits, and a growing list of ways to connect neighbor to neighbor....

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