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  • Join the PNA Board of Directors!

    Join the PNA Board of Directors!

    The PNA is seeking candidates for our Board of Directors to help guide the organization during this exciting time. We are looking for community members who are passionate about the PNA’s mission and vision to build community--we envision strangers becoming neighbors, and neighbors becoming a welcoming and caring community....

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  • Meet Your Local Business Owner: The Still Point Massage Therapy, Diedra Roesijadi

    Meet Your Local Business Owner: The Still Point Massage Therapy, Diedra Roesijadi

    Diedra Roesijadi spent 23 years as a massage therapist in the private sector, but when the pandemic hit, it all changed. Like so many families faced with COVID-related challenges, Diedra had to leave her job to homeschool her son and support her Seattle Firefighter husband. Diedra recalls, “It has been a longtime dream of mine to expand beyond my private practice and I spent a lot of time dreaming about it during the pandemic.” When Diedra’s son returned to school and life returned to a “new normal,” she began to pencil out what a clinic might look like. She found an amazing space in Seattle’s Tangletown neighborhood and things moved pretty quickly from there....

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  • Two Decades of Tradition

    Two Decades of Tradition

    When Loren Kalmen tried contra dancing for the first time in the mid ‘90s, he found an unexpected joy in the twirls and whirls. “I thought, this is the greatest thing in the world! Where has this been all my life?” He hasn’t stopped dancing since, and whenever he has a Friday night free, Loren commutes from his home on Bainbridge Island to the Phinney Center’s Brick Building for the weekly Emerald City Contra Dance. Featuring live music, an energetic caller of contra moves, and a diverse group of people, the dance attracts beginners and veterans alike, ranging in age from teens and 20s well into their 80s....

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  • Meet Your Local Business Owner: BrainBrakes Life & ADHD Coaching, Jessica Hespelt

    Meet Your Local Business Owner: BrainBrakes Life & ADHD Coaching, Jessica Hespelt

    Jessica Hespelt is an ADHD Consultant with 20 years industry experience in research, education, and coaching. She spent the first ten years in medical research and then transitioned into science education as a high school teacher, advisor, and curriculum specialist. Jessica loves working directly with people and was fortunate to spend two years as a fellow at Stanford University developing and incorporating techniques to support equity and social justice in the classroom. Then, Jessica’s personal experience with neurodiverse children led to yet another pivot in her career. Jessica recalls, “This was part of my journey to learning more about ADHD and executive functioning. These were some of the students that it seemed like schools were often ill-equipped to support and I was passionate about figuring out how to get them back on track.”...

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  • PNA & GSC closed Mon, Jan. 16 to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    PNA & GSC closed Mon, Jan. 16 to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The Phinney Center and the Greenwood Senior Center will be closed to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Mon, Jan. 16. Our Hot Meal Program will serve diners as scheduled at the Greenwood Senior Center from 4 to 6 pm....

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  • Get Inside and Dance

    Get Inside and Dance

    Beat the winter doldrums; feed your mind and body | “It’s my happy time!” declares Susie Crosier as she’s leaving her modern dance class to go right into the hip hop session at Greenwood’s American Dance Institute on a Sunday afternoon. As the days get grayer, damper, and shorter, “happy time” becomes more elusive for many. Many of us Seattlelites find our zen and our thrills in the outdoors—hiking, kayaking, rock climbing—but those opportunities become fewer as winter sets in....

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  • Girls on the Run at Phinney Center: Register now

    Girls on the Run at Phinney Center: Register now

    Girls on the Run is an interactive, research-based program for 3rd- to 5th-grade and 6th to 8th-grade girls that combines social-emotional learning and physical activity. A parent recently shared: “The relationship skills and confidence gains have transformed my daughter. She learned how to navigate tough situations, view others’ perspectives, and has found so much strength in herself.” Their spring 2023 program starts in March and registration is now open!...

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  • Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Thorness connects neighbors

    Volunteer Spotlight: Bill Thorness connects neighbors

    Bill Thorness makes connections. He’s a Master Gardener who organizes seed swaps at the Phinney Center and helps on the grounds of the Ronald McDonald House. He’s a bicyclist who helped make it easier for NW Seattle homeowners to convert their homes to use solar panels. And he’s a PNA Board member who helps prepare meals, staff info tables, clean up events, and he sometimes even wears a cape....

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  • Business Spotlight: Iona Handcrafted Books

    Business Spotlight: Iona Handcrafted Books

    Mychal Mitchell was an Architectural Design student from Arizona State University, backpacking through Europe for six months. Her journal was stolen along with all of her other belongings while staying at a hostel. She replaced her journal at a shop in Venice, Italy, and also took an interest, so the owner let her stay and taught her the craft of bookbinding. Fast forward to present day, Mychal is the owner and bookbinder of Iona Handcrafted Books....

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  • Belonging and Celebration

    Belonging and Celebration

    As the days get shorter and the colors that paint our local neighborhoods change in front of our eyes, we are given the gift of reflection on this past year. At the PNA, we're thinking about the past year, too. Support from this community has provided opportunities for our programs and events to bring the community together and elevate our organization as an essential part of PhinneyWood. Through this time of reflection, two words shine a little more brightly than others—belonging and celebration....

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