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  • Many new faces at PNA!

    Many new faces at PNA!

    We're growing here at the PNA and we're excited to welcome a bunch of new folks into the PNA community over the past couple of months. Meet our new team members! ...

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  • PNA receives City grant to recreate holiday lighting

    PNA receives City grant to recreate holiday lighting

    A new, fun, lighted holiday season is upon us in 2021! The PNA just received a Neighborhood Matching Grant from the City to create a new holiday lighting tradition for the neighborhood! Learn more about the grant, the lights committee, the vision, and the process for getting our new decorations up in the neighborhood this winter. ...

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  • Goodbye to Lori, Whittier Kids Assistant Director. Hello to…?

    Goodbye to Lori, Whittier Kids Assistant Director. Hello to…?

    In 2010, Lori Engdahl joined the PNA family. She started as the Registrar for PNA Kids! Since then, she took on the role of Whittier Kids’ Assistant Director of Administration where she has continued to warmly welcome new families into the program and neighborhood to help them become more connected to their school and community. In addition to being an incredible asset to the Whitter Kids program, she also helped grow her family business, Lantern Brewing. The time has come for her to turn her attention fully to her family and the brewery and trust the magic of new beginnings, and we are looking for someone to fill her shoes. ...

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  • Rainbow Hop wrap up!

    Rainbow Hop wrap up!

    In spite of some showers that washed away some gorgeous chalk messaging, Rainbow Hop 2021 was a huge success for the community. A record 46 businesses participated by decorating their windows and storefronts to show that the neighborhood is emblematic of pride, equity, and empowerment of our LGBTQIA+ communities. Twenty-eight sponsors also pitched in to help decorate and to support the QSA Club at Robert Eagle Staff and Whitman Pride Club. Go to "read more" for links to the sponsor list, photo album, and info about a fun coloring contest this month. ...

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  • Zoom Away with the PNA: A swell adventure!

    Zoom Away with the PNA: A swell adventure!

    On Saturday, May 8, PNA friends gathered on a virtual “trip” for our spring party and fundraiser: Zoom Away with the PNA. Folks zipped around the neighborhood, tested local and world knowledge, met community members, shared stories and tidbits in the chat, and donated generously. Zoom Away travelers gave over $18,500 to PNA’s community programs! We’re hoping to top it off with another $5,000 by the week’s end, so if you’d like to help meet the goal, click "read more." Missed it? You can check out the videos - including a fun PhinneyWood jaunt with neighborhood sights and PNA highlights. ...

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  • Celebrating Teacher Sally: Retiring after 20+ years

    Celebrating Teacher Sally: Retiring after 20+ years

    It's the end of an era for PNA's Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op (PNPC): Teacher Sally Watkins is retiring after more than twenty years! From 1999 to the present, Sally has brought joy and learning to hundreds of children. During her tenure at the preschool, she has taught the Two’s class, started a mixed-age class (in the evening, --that’s dedication!), led a Toddler class, and of course finished with 10 years as the beloved Pre-K teacher. Whether or not you've met Sally, read the heartfelt tribute by fellow teacher and parent, Cat Hoekman. ...

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  • Members Make Us…

    Members Make Us…

    This month, we're launching our annual PNA Membership Campaign to show our appreciation for our incredible members, and to (hopefully) engage new folks to join. For the last 41 years, members have been the backbone of the PNA. Our staff spent some time reflecting on some of the stories that our neighbors have shared with us—especially in this past year—of ways that being part of the PNA community has impacted their lives. We know that the PNA wouldn’t exist without our members. Members make us—and our community—Meaningful, Engaged, Motivated, Build(ers), Essential, Resourceful, and Strong(er). ...

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  • Greenwood Senior Center gets a lift for accessibility

    When folks return to the Greenwood Senior Center when it's safe, they'll be greeted with a new feature: a platform lift to navigate the two-story building, plus more space improvements. This much-needed accessibility project was funded by the King County Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy. Learn all about the project, and watch mini video updates on the progress. ...

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  • PNA Play Passage promotes active fun

    PNA Play Passage promotes active fun

    More fun for the kiddos! The PNA Play Passage is a grant-funded, play-focused project comprising painted elements in the lower lot and nature-based play structures like rocks, logs, and climbing elements in the outdoor classroom south of the Blue Building. Check out a video tour and learn about the project!...

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  • Stewarding our historic site: Brick Building electrical study

    Stewarding our historic site: Brick Building electrical study

    Keeping up with our historic buildings is critical, although perhaps not as exciting as some of the other work that we do. Right now, we’re finishing up an electrical assessment and documentation update of our Phinney Center Brick Building, funded by a 4Culture Preservation Special Projects grant. ...

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