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  • Business Spotlight: Sip and Ship

    Business Spotlight: Sip and Ship

    The concept of Sip and Ship was hatched in Diana Naramore’s kitchen over a cup of coffee with her husband Steve. Diana recalls the two tossing around ideas of how they could diversify and improve the concept of traditional mailing systems, and she decided to fold in coffee shop and gift shop elements. Today, the Sip and Ship locations in Ballard and Greenwood offer on-site and remote mailboxes, shipping, notary, and printing services along with great coffee and fun merchandise to peruse....

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  • The “theme” of friendship

    The “theme” of friendship

    Pick a random coin from your pocket or your change jar. Look at the date on the coin and think back. What were you doing that year? Have a favorite childhood memory? An interesting job? A trip? This is just one of the activities (or “themes”) that neighbors participated in, getting to know each other as part of the PNA Village Pod program. They meet once a month, without fail, connecting in the most interesting way. ...

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  • The journey not expected

    The journey not expected

    As a veteran flight attendant who’s pretty much seen everything the human condition can throw at her, Shirley Purkey thought she could handle just about any situation. But when her husband, Craig, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago, she found her limit. “When this came along, it really took me down. I was feeling lost. I didn’t know which way to turn or how it would progress,” she says. “My daughter lives in Greenwood and she said, ‘You know, I wish you and dad would get involved at the Greenwood Senior Center. It has so much going on.’ "...

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  • Business Spotlight: Dabble

    Business Spotlight: Dabble

    Dabble is a fully outfitted drop-in art studio that opened its doors in June 2021. The studio was created as a place for people to work on art whether they had art experience or not, and to do it with as low a barrier as possible. Owner Dave Wheeler says, “Think of it as a health club for your creative side.” You can learn more about PNA Business Member Dabble in this Business Spotlight and start planning your next art session today! ...

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  • PNA Village celebrates community and welcomes new members

    PNA Village celebrates community and welcomes new members

    Along with the rest of the world, the PNA Village has weathered the ongoing pandemic with moxie, agility, humility, and creativity. During this unknowable time, its mission—to support the vitality and autonomy of people aging in their homes—has been critical for PNA Village members. Learn more about how it empowers seniors and celebrates community in this new blog post....

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  • Re-opening and reconnecting at the PNA

    Re-opening and reconnecting at the PNA

    This year has been a continual learning process in flexibility, adaptability, and leaning into the unknown. The Phinney Neighborhood Association has continued offering many services—some virtual—during this time. Looking forward, PNA staff are excited about what “opening up” will (hopefully) soon mean for the organization and our community....

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  • Open-minded: PhinneyWood navigates re-opening

    Open-minded: PhinneyWood navigates re-opening

    Opening up is a process. While we see a return of safety precautions due to the Delta variant, we look forward with hope to “opening up,” and we ask members of our community what opening up means to them in this article....

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  • Hot Meal Program Nourishes Community

    Hot Meal Program Nourishes Community

    The PNA Hot Meal Program offers meals and an array of other services, including free medical and dental clinics with partner organizations. Learn more about how it supports the community in this blog....

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  • PhinneyWood’s trail of treats

    PhinneyWood’s trail of treats

    PhinneyWood is home to many incredible cafes and bakeries. Take a stroll through the neighborhood and try to taste every delicious dessert on this fun tour!...

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  • The ‘pandemic pets’ of PhinneyWood

    The ‘pandemic pets’ of PhinneyWood

    If you think you've noticed more pets walking around the neighborhood, in windowsills, or in the background of Zoom calls, then you might be right! One pleasant surprise during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a boom in pet adoptions. Our new blog discusses this shift and features many cute animal pics!...

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