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  • A fond farewell

    A fond farewell

    With extraordinary gratitude and quite a bit of sadness, and after almost ten years as the Executive Director of this fantastic organization, I have decided to step down in early October... On a sunny and warm day in my 20s, I participated in my first PNA event: Garage Sale Day. As I happily wandered among sale booths and kids’ lemonade stands, I was overwhelmed with the kindness, the smiles, and the community I saw. It is seared in my memory as one of my favorite days ever and it still is my favorite PNA “holiday” each year! (For years, the couch we found graced our front porch.) I thought “working at PNA would be a dream job!” as its mission to build community resonated so deeply with me. ...

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  • More green in Greenwood: Alice Ball Park opens June 14

    More green in Greenwood: Alice Ball Park opens June 14

    The new Alice Ball Park—originally known by the community as “Library Park”—is nearing completion and slated to open June 14 in conjunction with the PhinneyWood Art Walk that evening. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony with City officials and community leaders, music, entertainment, and food is planned. Located just north of the Greenwood Library, the park will be a much-needed addition of green space along Greenwood Avenue. The park will be a multi-use space for visiting, playing, reading, and attending community events....

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  • We asked…we listened: PNA looks to the future with help from community survey

    We asked…we listened: PNA looks to the future with help from community survey

    In the fall, we asked the community to contribute to our strategic planning process, and we were blown away by the response. Over 900 people took the time to share their thoughts through our online survey and in-person focus groups. Thank you to everyone who participated! We incorporated your input as we developed the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Strategic Priorities for the next three years (2019–2021). These priorities reflect the current values that we commit to placing at the forefront of our decision making. ...

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  • Remembering what matters: A story of kindness in Greenwood

    Remembering what matters: A story of kindness in Greenwood

    It’s dark out, and you’re standing at the curb. Rain spatters off cars as headlights cast shining light in swathes along the road, and the bare trees crackle overhead. It’s that all too familiar scene of waiting for a bus, of standing in the night for someone to come get you. When they do, we know all too well what a difference it makes when the door opens and we’re greeted with a smile. A wave...“Come on in.” Nathan Vass drives a bus for Seattle Metro for the sheer joy of it, and has become something of a local celebrity for his attitude ... At the Greenwood Senior Center, Erika Merz leads The Gathering Place, an enrichment program for people with early stage memory loss (ESML). To borrow Nathan’s words, she is “a radiant ball of kind, considerate, controlled positive energy.” ... She recently directed a film about memory loss, titled "Living with Memory Loss, In Our Own Words." It features members of The Gathering Place speaking to their experiences and trials. However, more than anything it speaks to hope. To the benefits of patience, kindness, and an open mind. The process of creating the film, however, caused her a bit of a headache. Or it did, until Nathan came along....

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  • Brightening spring in PhinneyWood with Holi

    Brightening spring in PhinneyWood with Holi

    Last March, on a gorgeous, warm day, the sky over Phinney was, yes, blue. But it was also yellow, green, orange, and pink. That afternoon, 600 people came to the Phinney Center to celebrate Holi, the Hindu spring festival of color and love, throwing powdered color into the air and at each other. They feasted on Indian food and chai, and listened to Shruti Balakrishnan’s Bollywood singing. This year’s Holi festival will be held March 23, 1-3 pm It's great fun for kids and grownups alike. The Roll Pod food truck will be selling delicious Indian food, the Chai Lady will be there again, and Shruti will be sharing her vocal talents...How did the PNA come to host a traditional Hindu celebration? ...

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  • Reaching out with memory loss video

    Reaching out with memory loss video

    We are excited to launch the abridged, 5-minute version of the 16-minute film "Living with Memory Loss: In Our Own Words."  The film was made by members of The Gathering Place who are living with memory loss, and who share their experiences in honest and open-hearted ways....

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  • Get inside and dance

    Get inside and dance

    Beat the winter doldrums; feed your mind and body | “It’s my happy time!” declares Susie Crosier as she’s leaving her modern dance class to go right into the hip hop session at Greenwood’s American Dance Institute on a Sunday afternoon. As the days get grayer, damper, and shorter, “happy time” becomes more elusive for many. Many of us Seattlelites find our zen and our thrills in the outdoors—hiking, kayaking, rock climbing—but those opportunities become fewer as winter sets in....

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  • Advocate for our community’s seniors

    Advocate for our community’s seniors

    Wow! The PNA does NOT own the Greenwood Senior Center building! PNA has been working with the City of Seattle since 2010 to transfer the Greenwood Senior Center to the PNA. The City has expressed their commitment to this transfer, but it still hasn’t happened. It's important we own the building, so we can make much needed improvements, especially for accessibility. The City Council passed a budget resolution a few weeks ago, asking the Mayor to complete the transfer by the end of March. We wanted to help, and kicked off advocacy efforts at Winter Festival last weekend. Over 1,000 people signed a giant card to the City Council and the Mayor, and we took a field trip to City Hall to deliver it. We also kicked off a postcard and email writing campaign this week, encouraging community members to write to the Mayor and City Council to tell them how important this property transfer is. You can also help! Take 5 minutes to send an email to the Mayor and City Council, thanking the City Council and urging the Mayor to approve and complete the transfer. ...

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  • Cheers to beer!

    Cheers to beer!

    The 31st Anniversary PNA Winter Beer Taste- the Big Lebrewski- was a tremendous success! 764 of you helped us raise $32,255 for PNA's programs and services for seniors, kids, and community! Find out the winning brews.......

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  • A chance to learn English together

    A chance to learn English together

    They are from Russia, Israel, Iran and Bulgaria. Somehow, through fortunate circumstance, they now find themselves together, sitting around a table at the Greenwood Senior Center practicing English in the Talk Time program. A quick survey of their lives yields an astonishing variety of experiences. Heidi and her husband, Hashem, remember their home in Shiraz, Iran. “It was a beautiful house, with a big garden I plant with vegetables,” she says.... Hashem nods, recounting the abundance: “Radishes, basil, mint, celery and parsley.” He worked as a welding inspector of pipelines before coming to the United States... Another couple from Iran, Famina and Farhad, lived in Tehran, a teeming city of millions. “I had my own pharmacy,” she recalls....

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