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  • Connectedness=Happiness


    by Cecile Andrews, PNA Member, author, and guest blogger... The other day, in my Understanding Happiness group, we talked about some of the things in our culture that make it hard to feel happy. We immediately thought of some things: the lack of  community, the competitiveness, the lack of time, worry about financial security (including health care), racism, alienation from the land, and fear of violence. We talked about things we could do. ...

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  • It’s Small Business Week!

    It’s Small Business Week!

    Did you know more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year? If you can, make an extra effort this week to stroll down Phinney-Greenwood and spend your dollars giving back those who make our neighborhood an incredible and vibrant place to live....

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  • Planting? Get Free Seeds!

    Planting? Get Free Seeds!

    Getting ready to to start your garden? Before you go out and buy seeds, consider scoring some heirloom varieties for free! Did you know that the Phinney Center's Tool Library houses a branch of the King County Seed Library? Come on down to the Tool Library any time during open hours, peruse the seeds, and take some home. ...

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  • Building Community–One Cup, One Book, One Note at a Time

    Building Community–One Cup, One Book, One Note at a Time

    by Cecile Andrews, community member, guest writer... Yes, a well known  coffee company popularized the phrase “third place." But there’s a  real third place in PhinneyWood. It’s called the Couth Buzzard--a new/used bookstore, a cafe, and a performance space. Roy Oldenburg, in his book "The Great Good Place", explores the importance of people having a place they can drop in and gather with other people. He talks about the fact that we all need a first place (our families) and a second place (work) and how important it is to have a third place — a place where you can be yourself, not anyone’s employee or mother, just yourself. ...

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  • Exploring Racial Literacy Together

    Exploring Racial Literacy Together

    As part of PNA’s Difficult Conversations series, the Breaking White Silence project hopes to create antibias consciousness-raising groups in our community. This past year, more than a dozen groups have met for transformative conversations through the discussion of the book "What Does It Mean to be White?" by Dr. Robin DiAngelo. Join us this quarter for a new group starting April 4....

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  • Mental health affects us all

    Mental health affects us all

    One in 5 Americans experience a mental health issue each year. So, last summer, PNA started offering Mental Health First Aid classes, in addition to our regular first aid and CPR classes, and we have two sessions coming up this March. Mental Health First Aid Training is for anyone who may encounter someone in or near a crisis in their work or home life (which is basically all of us!). This class is a great resource and skill-builder for parents, family members, managers, HR professionals, anyone in a helping field. ...

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  • The Year in Review (and Trivia)

    The Year in Review (and Trivia)

    Saturday morning, about a hundred folks got up early to make their way to the Phinney Center Community Hall to enjoy Bill’s homemade pancakes, sip mimosas, look back on PNA’s year, and elect the 2018 Board of Directors at our Annual Meeting. Alex, our snappy Membership Manager, decided to make our 2017 retrospective an audience participation game show with some (not-so-trivial) PNA trivia. Didn't make it? You can still test your PNA smarts!...

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  • A Week of Gathering

    A Week of Gathering

    by Cecile Andrews, community member, guest writer ... What an incredible week! The week of January 21-January 28 was amazing. I was so proud of our community! First it was a workshop I went to on the day after the big women’s march. ...

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  • Inspiring Greenwood girls

    Inspiring Greenwood girls

    By Jeanne Higgins, Founder, Girls on the Run of Puget Sound...Girls on the Run is a nation-wide program that uses physical activity as a springboard to increase confidence and self-esteem. In starting the program in Seattle, I was on my own figuring out how to grow the program, hitting the streets hard; visiting representatives of community centers, schools—any venue that would give the program support. | needed to find people who had the spark, the determination, and a true dedication to girls and their futures. I found one of those special people thanks to a dog named Bruno. ...

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  • Building a Stronger Business Community

    Building a Stronger Business Community

    This time of holiday shopping is a great opportunity to reflect on our local business community. The PNA and its Business Member Group are committed to the growth of local business. You can help by shopping local! You can also support the businesses that support the community: we have an online Business Member directory with all the businesses that support the PNA....

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