Chubby Bunny Farm: Family-focused, socially responsible

Chubby Bunny Farm: Family-focused, socially responsible
By ana-maria

By Nina Gruber, Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets

From the start, Chubby Bunny Farm had a focus on the social responsibility of the small farm. Indeed, one of the goals for many small farms across the United States is to feed a neighbor, and not simply participate in a global exchange.

They are proud to live in a strong community which they support and in turn supports their efforts on the farm. The call themselves a “Family focused farm, devoted to increasing food access and raising sustainable protein.”

Chubby Bunny is not only growing wonderful vegetables, but they are growing themselves! An expansion is in the works for next season, with new property and green houses to come.

They were recently nominated for Best New Farmer for the Hootenanny Farmer Awards! Congratulations, Chubby Bunny!

Read more of their story on their website at

Check them out and say hi at the Phinney Farmers Market (they are super friendly!) and on social media:

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Chubby Bunny Farm