Congratulations, Contra!

Congratulations, Contra!
By ana-maria

Emerald City Contra Dance celebrates 15 years at the Phinney Center. It happens every Friday night in the Brick Building’s Community Hall. For the entire month of July, show them your PNA membership card and dance for FREE!

Never heard of contra dancing? It’s a community-oriented type of folk dancing that evolved in New England in the 1800’s. A caller briefly teaches each dance and prompts each move of the dance once the music begins (no memorization required!).

They offer a lesson at 7 pm that covers the basic moves so that you’ll have plenty of fun when the dance begins. The dancing runs from 7:30-10 pm, with live music each evening.

The Emerald City Contra Dance is not a club – it’s a dance open to the public. Join in with or without a partner; plenty of friendly people will ask you to dance.

Emerald City Contra Dance is sponsored by the Seattle Folkore Society and the PNA.

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