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Cecile’s Conversation and News of the Day group at Couth Buzzard

by Cecile Andrews, PNA Member, author, and guest blogger
The other day, in my Understanding Happiness group, we talked about some of the things in our culture that make it hard to feel happy. We immediately thought of some things: the lack of  community, the competitiveness, the lack of time, worry about financial security (including health care), racism, alienation from the land, and fear of violence.

We talked about things we could do. Obviously there are some big changes needed on things like wealth inequality and gun violence. Most important, it seemed to us, is to get involved in voting. Voting ourselves, of course, but a lot of people said they intend to work to get people registered, even going to other parts of the area to knock on doors.

Everything, though, involved  connecting more with people. All the happiness research puts social contact at the top of the list. We talked about barriers: long work hours, competitiveness, focusing on money and status.

And maybe one of the biggest barriers is the American character. We’ve always seen ourselves as individualists — making our way on our own.

It’s not easy to break away from this, but we’re lucky in our neighborhoods to have the PNA! So many ways to get involved! My favorites are the groups I lead: Tuesday is Voluntary Simplicity (10:30 am at HomeStreet Bank, 7307 Greenwood), Understanding Happiness (10 am at HomeStreet Bank) Conversation and the News of the Day (9:30 and 10:30 at Couth Buzzard, 8310 Greenwood).  All free!

I’m particularly looking forward to happenings at the new park (up from the library).  Let’s make sure we get involved and use and enjoy it! Contact me with ideas for the new park!

Cecile Andrews
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Cecile Andrews is the author of Living Room Revolution,  Less Is More, Slow Is Beautiful, and Circle of Simplicity