PNA’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) response

By ana-maria

As many of you know, events surrounding the COVID-19 virus are evolving rapidly. The Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) continues to closely monitor the changing situation, both globally and locally.

The safety and welfare of our community is our highest priority. In order to make the best decisions possible, we have been in communication with the King County Public Health department and the Seattle Public Schools. We have also consulted the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations to develop our response.

The PNA follows the organization closure guidelines of the Seattle Public Schools. Additionally, site-specific operations will be evaluated and determined on a case-by-case basis. At this time, we will continue to maintain PNA operations, making some additional changes for the health of our community.

As the CDC emphasized, there is not currently a coronavirus pandemic in the United States. A pandemic occurs when a disease is spreading from a variety of sources across a large region, and the number of cases across the U.S. is still small. Additional details follow:


  • PNA events and classes will continue as scheduled.
  • The Ice Cream Social on Sunday, March 8 will continue as scheduled.
  • PNA facility rentals will continue operations.
  • PNA Village services will continue operations.
  • Whittier preschool and afterschool programs will continue operations.
  • PNA-affiliated co-op preschools will continue operations.
  • The situation remains fluid, and we will communicate updates or any adjustments in PNA’s operations on an as-needed basis, for the safety of our community.


In accordance with the recommendations of the CDC, the PNA has developed a tiered protocol system of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), which will allow us to respond in the event of an elevated, high-risk, or pandemic situation. In summary, these protocols involve increased communication between staff, members, and the broader community; increased facility cleaning frequency and enhanced cleaning procedures for employees and facility users; and, if necessary, guidance in the event of delays and/or closures.

At this time, we have decided to communicate frequently regarding the situation in the Pacific Northwest, including the most effective way to stay healthy and minimize the spread of infectious disease through multiple communications public resources (in accordance with State requirements) and basic health best practices.

Effective immediately, we are instituting additional frequent cleaning of door handles, tables/countertops, phones, computers, and other commonly touched items. In addition, we are encouraging good hand cleaning hygiene and making provisions for frequent, regular hand washing or hand sanitizing throughout the day. We will continue to monitor location-specific health trends and absenteeism and make a daily assessment of community health.


Community and staff well-being is our top priority. Members of the community may be frightened about COVID-19, especially with today’s 24/7 coverage of this outbreak. It is important to remember that coronavirus is not specific to any race, nationality, or ethnicity. We want to ensure that PNA members, students, renters, event participants, and staff do not experience harassment or stigmatization as a result of concerns about the COVID-19 virus.

Further, the CDC recommends that everyone ensure you have alternative basic service arrangements made in advance in lieu of childcare and PNA Village services provided by the PNA, should there be a need for an extended period of service disruption due to illness.


The Phinney Neighborhood Association is constantly monitoring our community, the local situation, and keeping abreast of the global coronavirus information on a daily basis. We will continue to communicate with you as the situation evolves.

Sincerely yours,

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Dar’Nesha Weary
Executive Director