COVID-19 Information & Updates

Updated 8/31/21

The PNA is committed to the safety and health of our neighbors, community, and staff. We will be following the current Washington State and King County Safe Reopening Guidelines at all times.

As we continue to monitor the dynamic situation of COVID 19, we are moving forward with cautious optimism and adjusting as necessary as we go along. Our goal is to be transparent with our expectations and to give a variety of options for safe participation (i.e., in person, outdoor, and virtual programs).

We will continue to update guidelines on this page, as needed, for:

  • Events and activities sponsored by the PNA-both indoor and outdoor- including the Greenwood Senior Center
  • Guidelines for renters and tenants using indoor and outdoor spaces of the PNA
  • Staff working in PNA offices (including Greenwood Senior Center and Whittier Kids)

Thank you for cooperating and helping us to keep our community and our staff safe healthy! If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 206.783.2244.

Current PNA guidelines and info (as of 8/31/21)

  • Masks must be worn indoors on all PNA properties, regardless of vaccination status
  • While masks aren’t required for crowded outdoor settings like fairs, farmers markets, and concerts, the state Department of Health is strongly recommending them for such events, and the PNA also strongly recommends them as well.
  • All PNA staff are required to show proof of vaccination by September 3; new staff will be required to show proof of vaccination
  • Volunteers interacting with the community (i.e. non-virtual), Village members, and Greenwood Senior Center participants or GSC event attendees will be asked to show proof of vaccination
  • Indoor PNA-sponsored events will require proof of vaccination, either paper or digital (e.g., scan or photo on your phone)
  • All PNA sites are equipped with HEPA filters which are part of the CDC and EPA best practices for reducing the airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors, with plans to soon install even more filters
  • PNA recommends keeping six feet of distance between others whenever possible.
Additional information for the Greenwood Senior Center
  • Masks are required at the Greenwood Senior Center at all times except when eating or under specifically stated circumstances.
  • In addition, the GSC requires proof of vaccination for participation in many of its programs. GSC participants can show proof of vaccination at the GSC’s front desk or by emailing a scan or photograph of their vaccine cards to [email protected]. A photograph or photocopy of your card is also sufficient for in-person verification. We will document your proof of vaccination at the time you provide it, and while you may be asked again about vaccine status, you will not be required to provide proof for each subsequent visit to the Center.
  • If you are exempt from vaccination, or have other questions about this upcoming policy, please get in touch at [email protected] or call 206.297.0875 and ask for Cassandra.
Additional information for renting space
  • PNA is committed to making it possible for our building users (renters) to perform their activities in accordance with WA State COVID-19 Safe Start guidelines set out for businesses in King County.
  • As of August 23, 2021, masks are required at the Phinney Center public indoor areas.
  • In our public outdoor areas, you may choose to unmask but please do not walk your maskless group through another group.
  • The best protection is to get a COVID-19 vaccine; PNA recommends that everyone age 12 and over entering our campus be vaccinated.
  • Activities involving children must follow current King County guidelines specific to schools and childcare as listed here. Babies and toddlers under age 2 should never wear cloth face coverings. Children ages 2-4 are encouraged to wear a face-covering with adult supervision.
  • Practice physical distancing, maximize indoor airflow by opening windows, wash/sanitize hands frequently, and clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces.
  • Individuals who are experiencing symptoms or have recently been exposed to COVID-19 should self-isolate and not enter the Phinney Center campus.
  • The safety of the community is our top priority. Rentals are subject to change in accordance with current King County guidelines.
  • Should updated guidelines impact the renter’s ability to continue holding their classes/activities on campus, the PNA rentals manager will work with the renter to discuss modifications, rescheduling options, and/or issue refunds for prepaid rentals.
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