Business Spotlight: Decadent Dog Care

Business Spotlight: Decadent Dog Care
By nathanb

Sara Shiflet has lived in the Phinney area for eight years and has been running Decadent Dog Care for five years. She raised two dogs of her own, and when they passed on she decided that instead of getting new dogs she would start channeling that love into taking care of other people’s dogs when they couldn’t. She quit her management job and started running Decadent Dog Care from her home.

Through Decadent Dog Care, Sara provides comfortable boarding, walks, hikes, overnights at their own homes, and lots of love for her canine clients. She believes in primarily walking with one dog at a time, because it’s difficult to keep large groups of dogs calm and safe together. She will sometimes take two to four dogs for a park hike where there’s less stimulation from unfamiliar people and animals, but otherwise prefers to walk dogs one at a time. She’s also not a fan of off-leash parks, finding that it’s a little more difficult for her to assure a dog’s safety in an off-leash environment. The end result is a lot more walking for her, but she seems to truly enjoy the process and getting to know the dogs she cares for one-on-one.

Sara loves how this neighborhood is like its own miniature city. She loves being near Greenlake, Woodland Park and Carkeek park and really enjoys walking around the neighborhood. Decadent Dog Care is right in the eastern part of North Phinney Ridge, and Sara’s biggest hope is to serve as many people as possible who live in walking distance of her business.

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