Don’t Stop Believin’ Relief Campaign

PNA community,  we got this. Together.

On April 25, we were looking forward to welcoming you to our Don’t Stop Believin’ auction – our biggest fundraiser of the year, celebrating our 40th birthday. But that, as well as all other fundraising events, rentals, and most programming, have been canceled for now. We don’t know when we’ll be able to resume regular activities, and these closures and cancellations have resulted in a tremendous loss – 80 percent of revenue – for the PNA.

However, our staff is still working hard to care for our community by providing childcare to first responders and frontline workers, serving to-go meals to people in need, supporting seniors living alone, and more.

We’ve seen what this community can do for each other in difficult times, and right now we need your help to keep us going another 40 years.


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What is the PNA doing now?

Although our buildings are closed, we are making efforts to re-work services and programs we provide the community. Our Hot Meal Program that serves our most vulnerable and mostly unsheltered neighbors is offering grab-and-go meals. The Greenwood Senior Center social worker is holding phone counseling sessions with participants. The PNA Village is continuing to assist our elders who are aging at home.  We’ve launched a “physical distancing” shopping and eating guide to support local businesses. We re-opened our Whittier Kids childcare to serve our local essential workers who need care. For the Phinney Center regulars who charge their phones in our building, we put out an extension cord so they could charge outside. We are exploring ideas to bring the community together virtually, so stay tuned for that–and if you have any virtual events you’d like to see, we’d love to know!

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How you can help now

We are moved and inspired by the outpouring of offers to help as we do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 and serve those most impacted by it. Your individual actions will make the difference. To ensure we move resources as efficiently as possible and respond to the needs of communities most impacted, we are not considering restricted donations at this time. This campaign was created in hopes to support the entire PNA. Below are the areas of our most critical needs, as we continue to serve our PNA community.


Donate to the PNA

Your investment in the community and the PNA has never been more important. Facilities closure and the cancellation of regular programming and fundraising activities have a significant impact on the financial health of your PNA. Rent, tuition, program fees and fundraising events provide more than 80 percent of the revenue needed to sustain the PNA you love, and each date we are closed represents an unrecoverable loss, deeply affecting our ability to operate and threatens the PNA’s very existence. Your generosity will help determine the continuity of our programs and services, as well as the very sustainability of the PNA.

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Gift cards for families

We are collecting grocery and drug store gift cards to distribute to low-income families in our area. At this time, we are distributing the cards through a partnership with the Seattle Public Schools. As we continue to receive more cards, we will partner with other community-based organizations such as the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Club that have experience with providing people and families with services and support.

Get Gift Cards wish list for the Hot Meal Program

The PNA Hot Meal Program provides three meals a week to our most vulnerable neighbors. However, our program partner has dramatically reduced the amount of donated food due to COVID-19, so we created an Amazon wish list of items to help fulfill the increased need. You can also buy Amazon gift cards for those food items that Amazon won’t allow on a wish list. Use the email [email protected] for gift card delivery.

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Planned Giving

Are you thinking about including PNA in your will? Please contact Raymond Chao at [email protected] if you’d like to discuss the option.

Tax Information

Phinney Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our tax I.D. is 91-1112780.