Don’t Stop Believin’ Fundraising Campaign

Together, let’s protect the future of the PNA

The Phinney Neighborhood Association depends on event attendees, program participants, and renters to help fund our community services, neighborhood programs, and our work of connecting neighbors. With the pandemic, our critical earned revenue that helps fund our people and our mission has come to a halt.

Your PNA is working hard to ensure that we continue serving our community in northwest Seattle despite the pandemic. We are providing free meals to those who need them;  connecting seniors with lunches, medication deliveries, virtual counseling and support groups, and Zoom activities; serving as a resource hub to local businesses; distributing grocery gift cards and face masks to the community; and more. (Get details at What We Are Doing Now.) Your support is more important than ever to keep our services going until resume our regular activities once more.

Thank you for supporting the PNA in this time of need.


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Thank you to our awesome community!

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More than 1,000 donors have contributed over $230,000 to PNA’s emergency campaign, helping us protect our future and continue vital services, such as:

  • Feeding our neighbors three times weekly through our Hot Meal Program
  • Picking up groceries and meds for seniors through our PNA Village program
  • Checking in with our seniors with phone calls, emails, and weekly newsletters
  • Delivering meals to Greenwood Senior Center participants and Village members
  • Offering online classes, groups, and seminars through Greenwood Senior Center
  • During the school year, we provided free childcare for essential workers though our Whittier Kids program.
  • Connecting seniors and kids via our Pen Pal Project, in partnership with the Greenwood Branch of the Seattle Public Library (We’ve connected 128 seniors and kids!)
  • Supporting PhinneyWood businesses by keeping them informed about benefits and connecting them to resources
  • Spreading the word about current local business offerings via the blog and an online business guide for the community
  • Collecting and distributing fabric masks to our volunteers, staff, and community members (More than 350 masks distributed!)
  • Providing online and phone counseling, resources and support groups to seniors
  • Helping seniors and neighbors apply for unemployment and housing assistance

If you have any virtual events you’d like to see or other ideas to support our community, we’d love to know!

Read more about what we are doing now


Living Alone Through COVID-19: Gloria’s Story

two older women in garden, one seated one standing

Gloria (left) with Village Volunteer Marguerite (pre-COVID-19)

Gloria, a PNA Village elder, says the Village has made her a bit spoiled during the pandemic. “I feel like a queen,” she says, “eating all this delicious food!” She gets a meal delivery and lunches from the Greenwood Senior Center every week. Until the stay-at-home order, this upbeat 86-year-old was traveling to the Center twice a week (getting rides from a PNA Village volunteer) for lunch, socializing, and meetings.

More Village volunteers have helped with house maintenance since her husband passed away, tending the yard, installing safety grab bars—and even power-washing the slippery moss off her sidewalk and driveway. All with the goal of keeping Gloria in her home of 56 years, so she can keep enjoying her flowering landscape and growing vegetables in pots on her deck.

Through the Senior Center’s Living Alone Support Group, she realized that, for her, “it’s really hard to ask for help.” She’s grateful for that lesson, but more so for everything the PNA program offers. “The Village has been great for all these things,” she says. “It’s just made all the difference.”

Read more of Gloria’s story


How you can help

We are moved and inspired by the outpouring of offers to help as we do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 and serve those most impacted by it.  Please consider supporting the PNA as we move through this time together.  Below are the areas of our most critical needs we continue to serve our community.


Donate to the PNA

Your investment in the community and the PNA has never been more important. Facilities closure and the cancellation of regular programming and fundraising activities have a significant impact on the financial health of your PNA. Rent, tuition, program fees, and fundraising events provide more than 80 percent of the revenue needed to sustain the PNA you love, and each date we are closed represents an unrecoverable loss, deeply affecting our ability to operate and threatens the PNA’s very existence. Your generosity will help determine the continuity of our programs and services, as well as the very sustainability of the PNA.

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Are you thinking about including PNA in your will? Please contact Lee Harper at [email protected] if you’d like to discuss the option.


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Tax Information

Phinney Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Our tax I.D. is 91-1112780.