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2020 Progress Snapshot

  • The PNA completed an anonymous, voluntary demographics survey of staff and board in order to establish a baseline from which to track our progress toward advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion within the organization. We plan to repeat the survey on a yearly basis (November 2020)
  • As part of the PNA’s ongoing work to develop literacy, fluency, and meaningful action toward addressing equity, diversity, and inclusion and becoming an antiracist organization, the 2020 PNA Board worked with Breaking White Silence Northwest. The Board broke into two teams and were facilitated through six sessions of reading and discussing What Does It Mean To Be White: Developing White Racial Literacy, by Robin DiAngelo. The Board plans to continue this type of work for incoming members
  • EDI committee members engaged in a lengthy search for a consultant to assist the committee and the PNA around issues of systemic racism at the PNA. Huayruro Group has been chosen to help further PNA’s journey toward becoming an antiracist organization. Much of the work will be done in numerous Peacemaking Circle Process meetings that will be planned for several months starting in early 2021. Stay tuned here for updates.
  • Numerous past and recent studies have proven the frequent existence of bias in hiring and the PNA is taking steps to combat this. The PNA has made positive changes to its hiring process including reworking job descriptions, and for some positions, redacting demographic characteristics to level the playing field
  • Drafted a committee charter  – Sept 2020 (Download)
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) committee meets every other week, with an online workspace for collaboration and discussion between meetings
  • Board of Directors formalized permanent EDI committee at July 21, 2020 Board meeting (Board Resolution)
  • In process of interviewing expert consultants in equity, diversity, and inclusion work
  • Retired neighborhood holiday monkey lights project to eliminate harmful historical symbolism, referring to Black people as monkeys
  • Removed secondary small water fountain in the Phinney Center that may present as a symbol of race segregation
  • Held a listening session with the former executive director, Dar’Nesha Weary, to better understand her experiences at PNA and gain her insights
  • Board of Directors started racial literacy/anti-racism study, with white members joining Breaking White Silence groups
  • The organization had an independent review of our employee manual with recommendations and will be updating the manual this fall



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