Business Spotlight: Emerald City Karate

Business Spotlight: Emerald City Karate
By ana-maria

Tobey Stansbury & a class

Tobey Stansbury believes that studying Karate since age 7 cured his childhood stutter, changing his life forever.  He is dedicated to teaching so he can share the transformative power of Karate with others.  Tobey reopened Emerald City Karate in 2008 after returning from Japan where he was researching Karate.

The style of Karate that Tobey teaches is Shudokan, an Okinawan style which features both traditional Karate and modern self-defense.

“Our goal is to help our students live their best life, have a good attitude, and be so infectiously positive that others can’t help but be affected by it too,” says Tobey.

The dojo is a safe, non-judgmental space for students ages 4 to adult, regardless of fitness level or experience. They also offer after-school programs, camps, birthday parties, self-defense seminars, and Family Karate classes. Parents are welcome to train with their children, separately in the adults only program, or mix and match between the classes.

Besides martial arts skills, every class features an inspirational proverb or philosophical story. One of Tobey’s favorites is, “Endo beans grow even in the shade” which alludes to our potential for growth in spite of imperfect circumstances. Tobey says, “Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances. Take your first step today!” All prospective students are welcome to watch a class or contact them anytime.

Proud to be part of the Greenwood community, Tobey participates in the ArtWalk, Seafair Parade, the Car Show, and holds events for non-members like their monthly Parents’ Night Out Nerf Party.


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Originally published in PNA’s The Review, Summer 2018
by Alex Gramps, photo by Chris Maykut