Formalizing our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion

By ana-maria

As we have shared, the PNA is committed to becoming a truly anti-racist and inclusive organization and we are sharing the steps we are taking along the way with you, our community.

The PNA Board of Directors will adopt at its July 2020 meeting a Board Resolution to establish a permanent, standing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee. This has been an ad hoc board/staff committee for the past couple of years. As a standing committee, the commitment to EDI will be a  formalized part of the fabric of the organization.

Understanding the need for transparency and accountability, and the fact that all of us have to work together to accomplish this work, EDI Committee membership will include board, staff, and community members committed to and knowledgeable about these issues. The committee will be charged with guiding PNA’s efforts to identify, develop, oversee, evaluate, and improve strategies and efforts to address structural inequity, unconscious bias, and systemic oppression in the policies, procedures, practices, and culture of the PNA. We will also prioritize disrupting white silence. To accomplish this work we will engage outside expertise to help us.

To achieve significant and continuous improvement toward our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, we must embark on a journey of ongoing self-reflection and sustainable and lasting change, which will necessarily require the focused effort of a knowledgeable and dedicated group of advocates to educate, lead, evaluate, correct, and reinforce such efforts. The formalization of the EDI Committee is just one step in that process, but an important one nonetheless.

We will continue to regularly share our progress and other steps we are taking in this journey with you in the coming weeks and months on our website news page, on Facebook, and on the webpage We welcome and need your feedback and involvement if this work is going to be successful. Feel free to email us at [email protected].