Garage Sale Day 2020 Map

Map instructions:

How to find the sales you’re looking for!

  • Tap/click in the square in the top left to see the legend of categories
  • Tap/click the tiny grey arrow to the left of the category “Variety” to expand the categories
  • You will then see a list of of the sales in the categories by description
  • Tap/click the description to get the exact address and additional information

How to navigate the map:

  • Pinch in and out on the screen or use the + /- on the bottom left to zoom in and out on the map
  • Use two fingers (or mouse) on the map screen to move around and re-center
  • Tap/click the square in the upper right to open the map in your browser/app.
    (Please note the map will not open in the Google Maps App for iPhone)

Printable listing of sales

Happy shopping!

Remember: Mask-up, sanitize often, and stay 6-feet from others.  Let’s stay safe and healthy!

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