Goodbye to Lori, Whittier Kids Assistant Director. Hello to…?

Goodbye to Lori, Whittier Kids Assistant Director. Hello to…?
By ana-maria

By Cindy Lewen, Associate Director, Phinney Neighborhood Association

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, gorgeous at the end.

In 2010, Lori Engdahl joined the PNA family. She started as the Registrar for PNA Kids! Since then, she took on the role of Whittier Kids’ Assistant Director of Administration where she has continued to warmly welcome new families into the program and neighborhood to help them become more connected to their school and community. In addition to being an incredible asset to the Whitter Kids program, she also helped grow her family business, Lantern Brewing.

The time has come for her to turn her attention fully to her family and the brewery and trust the magic of new beginnings. We couldn’t let this happen under the radar as she has been an immense support to so many families and staff members over the last almost 11 years – that’s right – 11 years! While we will miss her dearly at Whittier Kids, I encourage everyone to head over to Lantern Brewing during the PNA’s Summer Beer Taste Passport event, get a tasty beverage, say hello, share a laugh, and get your passport stickered.

Filling Lori’s shoes, will not be easy, but we hope we can find someone just as fabulous. Can you help us find a new Assistant Director of Whitter Kids? If you have a background working in licensed child care, strong organization skills, and are dedicated to providing high-quality programming for children and families, check out the PNA’s Employment Page. Not you, but know someone? Please share!