Business Spotlight: Greenhouse Nail Spa

Business Spotlight: Greenhouse Nail Spa
By ana-maria

by Karla Rava

In one word “wellness” could best describe the concept behind Kelly Huynh’s Greenhouse Nail Spa. Kelly opened her doors on September 10, 2019 and received a warm welcome from the community and other business owners.

Kelly is a recent transplant to Seattle and comes from a hard-working family of Vietnamese immigrants. For twenty-one years, her family-owned and operated a nail salon in West Des Moines, Iowa. For Kelly, the nail salon was like a second home to her and a place for community. There she learned everything about the trade and also how to build relationships with customers. After finishing college at the University of Maryland and receiving a Public Health Degree, Kelly became acutely aware of the hazardous state of most nail salons. Customers and employees were being exposed to harmful fumes, unhygienic conditions, and poor ventilation. This was of great concern to Kelly and ultimately what propelled her to “help the industry to progress with better safety standards and professionalism.”

Kelly’s Greenhouse Nail Spa is airy, refreshing and just the right amount of relaxing. Reminiscent of a mini urban botanical garden, Greenhouse Nail Spa is the perfect atmosphere for some self-care. An array of natural nail services is offered and all come with a tea tree oil treatment. If you’re not into nails, then you can enjoy a hand or foot massage. Kelly uses natural, sustainable products whenever possible and even has services for children. Appointments can be scheduled online via the website or by calling the spa.


Photo Credit: Storybook, LLC