Advocate for our community’s seniors

Advocate for our community’s seniors
By ana-maria

Wow! The PNA does NOT own the Greenwood Senior Center Building

Greenwood Senior Center (GSC) is a program of the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA), but the City of Seattle owns the building.

The City first contacted us in 2010 to suggest transferring the GSC property to us. After years of discussion on how to make this happen, PNA and the City signed a formal letter of intent in February of 2016.

We solicited public comment on the proposed transaction from GSC participants and the neighboring community. The comments were, without exception, supportive.

Now, after another nearly three years, it appears that this transition will finally actually happen.

The City Council included a resolution in the 2019 budget, directing the City to expedite the transfer of the senior center to the PNA. We are grateful to the Council for initiating this action, and especially thank Councilmembers Mike O’Brien and Lisa Herbold for sponsoring.

Now, the Mayor needs to approve and complete the property transfer.

How will the property transfer make a difference?

The stability that owning the building will provide will finally enable us to begin to plan and fundraise for the many structural improvements that have long been needed including, incredibly, making the building fully accessible for the more than 3,000 seniors, their families, and caregivers who use it every year.

This change will also help to ensure the continuation of the unique programming at this facility—programming which draws seniors from throughout Seattle for support with memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and basic health, nutrition, and fitness.

How you can help in 5 minutes

Write an email to the City Council and the Mayor by December 19, letting them know you support the transfer.

Talking Points:

  • Thank the City Council for passing a resolution to transfer the city-owned Greenwood Senior Center to the Phinney Neighborhood Association
  • Urge Mayor Durkan to complete this transfer in 2019
  • Tell the Council and Mayor how important the Greenwood Senior Center is to our community.

E-mail addresses:

We’ve had great success so far!

Over 1,000 people showed their support by signing a huge card at our recent Winter Festival event, and we delivered it to Mayor Durkan and City Council.

We also kicked off a postcard and email writing campaign this week, encouraging community members to write to the Mayor and City Council to tell them how important this property transfer is.

Here are some of the inspiring emails that we have been cc’d on so far:

“I was so pleased to learn that the Council has recommended transfer of ownership of GSC to the Phinney Neighborhood Association.  I am elderly, rather new to Seattle, but have already become involved with the GSC — free programs such as those focused on End of Life Issues, participating in a Talk Time Group, and volunteering with the Village.  So many aspects of Seattle Life — the Library System, Transportation System, housing support, and environmental protections — have been a blessing for me as my life becomes more physically challenging.  The Greenwood Senior Center epitomizes, for me, the feeling of living in a shared community. I ask you, Mayor Durkan, to please finalize the ownership transfer.”  ~  Sara

“The Greenwood Senior Center, one of the best-run in the United States, is crucial to the community. Having watched a 99-year old intrepidly negotiate the steep driveway to get from the first to second floor of this elevator-less building, I look forward to a time when the stability of owning the building will finally enable the PNA to begin to plan and fundraise for the many structural improvements that have long been needed.  Please, Mayor Durkan, approve and complete the property transfer.” ~ Dana

“I live right behind the Senior Center, and even though they get rowdy and loud with their Rock & Roll music sometimes 🙂 I love the whole concept and all the good they achieve for our community. The Phinney Neighborhood Association is an amazing group that constantly make our modern, loosely associated individuals of the neighborhood into a working community are well worth the effort and resource to support. We of Greenwood and Phinney Ridge and all areas within shouting distance are made happier, healthier, and all-around better by their efforts. Please complete the transfer of the Senior Center in 2019. The neighborhood needs it.” ~ Geoff


Email Lee Harper, PNA Executive Director: [email protected]