Halloween in Phinney Ridge, What a Treat! 

Halloween in Phinney Ridge, What a Treat! 
By ana-maria

by Diya Khanna

The late afternoon light on October 31st looks a little different. There is a hint of eerie-ness and a whiff of anticipation in the air. We notice the burnt orange and bright crimson leaves swirling in the wind, the haunting dance of ivory candles, and the streets starting to fill with masks, capes and costumes, the young and old, meandering through the different neighborhoods of the growing city of Seattle.

We are from Toronto, lived a year in Berlin and two years in Singapore before that, moving to the Pacific Northwest in spring. It is fair to say we’ve experienced our share of Halloween celebrations. From blistery cold weather, to adult costume parties, to raves and club hopping, the appeal of an authentic American style trick-or-treating experience was something we were really looked forward to. Our two-year-old, dressed in his blue jumpsuit, with badge, NASA hat and white velcro sneakers, had just learned the word “candy” and was raring to go.

As always, a few days leading up to Halloween, our ears are perked. A woman buying bags of chocolate in line at Target mentioned Phinney Ridge. A quick online search and I learned it was on Zillow’s list of top trick-or-treating neighborhoods in Seattle.

The moon was shining bright. We were told it was the first time in years it hadn’t rained. “Two houses,” we said! It ended up being close to 50. One led to another. Porch lights beckoning us with grinning hooded skeletons, gaping ghosts and sitting scarecrows engulfed with the eerie release of dry ice. Corner units with trees adorned with hanging pumpkins, orange lights and ghouls. Cobwebs and styrofoam skulls. Menacing jack-o’-lanterns, lining the steps up to the front door, where we are greeted warmly with 3, 4 and sometimes 5 candies.

“Oh hello there, little astronaut. Welcome back to Earth!”

“I love your decorations. Where did you get them?”

“Thank you so much, we made them.”

“Happy Halloween!”

“And same to you.”

Thank you to the residents of Phinney Ridge, for welcoming us into your neighborhood and for putting on a spooktacular show, much better than what we could have imagined. We had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you again next year!

Diya Khanna, Adam Hasham and Shaan Hasham are residents of East Lake, Seattle and recently moved here from Berlin, Germany.