Hillside Development Project


Hillside concept design and master plan update

In 1999, and later in 2008, the PNA produced and updated a master plan that addressed the full block that the Phinney Center occupies, with a particular focus on the hillside. This year, we’re looking to re-evaluate the master plan and define a phase one scope of work focused on the hillside that will be used for fundraising and the ultimate goal of constructing the improvements.

We’re starting with a community engagement and concept design process to envision and create accessible connections, gathering spaces, play opportunities, and community gardens to the existing hillside on the Phinney Campus. We’ve hired a landscape architecture firm, Johnson + Southerland, to lead this process and develop conceptual design recommendations, update master plan, and define a phase one scope of work.

Some goals and considerations

The community engagement process is about getting ideas from our community and neighborhood members, but we’ve got some overarching goals for the project that we’d like everyone to keep in mind. Some of our main considerations are:

  • An accessible connection from the upper level Blue Building and parking lot to the lower level Brick Building and parking lots
  • Gathering spaces accessible to PNA programs and the community
  • Opportunities for all-ages and multi-generational play
  • Community gardening spaces that may be integrated into educational programming
Public meeting schedule

7/21 – Friday,  3:30-7 pm:  Landscape Architect hangs out at Farmers Market with questionnaires for the public

7/27 – Thursday,  7-8:30 pm: 1st public meeting in the Blue Building (Room 6)

8/18 – Friday, 7-8:30 pm: 2nd public meeting  (Room 1)

9/15 – Friday 3:30-7 pm:  Final product presentation table at Farmers Market

Can’t make a meeting?

That’s okay, you can get us your ideas online, or you can come to PNA and fill out a survey.

Online Survey #1: Idea gathering (Survey closed; survey 2 will be up by 8/9)

Online Survey #2: Refining ideas (we’ll post this when we’ve gotten to that stage)

Contact Information 

If you’ve got questions about the process or want input, please contact Eric Jusino, Facilities Director at [email protected]