Have stuff your kids have outgrown?

Have stuff your kids have outgrown?
By ana-maria

Why not clean out the closets to help out our preschool co-ops, Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op and Ballard Preschool Co-op?

Both schools have their Gently Used Gear Sales coming up: PNPC’s on Sept. 22 and BPC’s on Oct. 6., which raise funds funds for their programs.

Donate to PCPE’s sale and 100 percent of the proceeds benefit the preschool. Plus, donations are tax-deducible. Donations will be gratefully accepted until Sept. 14.  Email [email protected] for details.

Have some great items and want to make a little money too? Everyone is welcome to sell at Ballard Preschool Co-op’s sale, and a portion of proceeds benefit the school. (Or you can just donate too!) Email [email protected] for info.

Please note: The sales can’t take any expired gear, so please check expiration dates before donating. Thanks!