Connecting to community: Meet Randi and Dennis

Connecting to community: Meet Randi and Dennis
By ana-maria

We know you’re probably getting a lot of requests for support right now – organizations asking for your donations at the end of the year. There are so many good causes and wherever you choose to give, we’re just glad you’re helping!

We’ve told you many of the things we’ve worked on during this unusual year – from childcare to meals delivered and served. Before we close the books on 2020, I want to share with you one last story – one that reaches to the heart of the PNA: connecting with each other and building a community.

Meet Randi and her husband Dennis, who just moved to Seattle in April.

“With the pandemic, making new friends has been a challenge. Folks you meet on the street hustle by at a social distance of six feet. Neighborhood hang-outs like churches, libraries, and coffee shops that would normally serve as gathering spots for long-time Seattleites and newcomers alike, are closed due to lock-down. 

“But a true bright spot has been the Phinney Neighborhood Association’s Greenwood Senior Center with its range of programming, delightful staff and volunteers. Dennis and I are active participants in several of the zoom-based activities and feel that we have made friends even though we have met none of them in person.

“That delightful prospect still lies ahead for us. Our new GSC friends have given us recommendations for day trips and medical personnel, online arts and culture activities, active discussions of current and global events and so much more.”  

We can all relate to Randi and Dennis – we need connection, activity, and friendship to get through this isolating time, no matter our age or how long we have been in the city or neighborhood.

Please consider a year-end gift so that we may continue to build community through the pandemic and beyond.

Give a gift of community. Donate today.


Happy New Year,

Lee Harper,
Interim Executive Director