Members Make Us…

Members Make Us…
By ana-maria

Chef Jane (left, black mask) and her amazing crew of volunteers getting volunteer-handmade pies ready to go into the 106 meals being picked up and delivered to seniors in our community last Thanksgiving.
Photo by Cecily Kaplan

…Meaningful, Engaged, Motivated, Build(ers), Essential, Resourceful, and Strong(er)


by Leslie Hamilton

This month, we’re launching our annual PNA Membership Campaign to show our appreciation for our incredible members, and to (hopefully) engage new folks to join.

For the last 41 years, members have been the backbone of the PNA. Our staff spent some time reflecting on some of the stories that our neighbors have shared with us—especially in this past year—of ways that being part of the PNA community has impacted their lives.

We know that the PNA wouldn’t exist without our members. Members make us—and our community—Meaningful, Engaged, Motivated, Build(ers), Essential, Resourceful, and Strong(er).

Village volunteer Alanna and Village member Edward have developed a deep and meaningful intergenerational friendship through their weekly phone or zoom chats, enriching both of their lives in the last year.

Edward, who is visually impaired, was not online pre-pandemic and now, with Alanna’s technology help, is a zoom whiz.

For Alanna, knowing that she is assisting Edward with meaningful work while learning about his life has been incredibly rewarding. And Edward is happy to stay connected.

“I just wanted to thank the staff at the Village for sending the weekly emails and to continue to remind me that I am a part of something bigger than this closed-in loneliness I—and I`m sure a lot of elderly people— are going through. So thank you so much Riana, Rebecca, and special thanks and kudos to Alanna. I am so blessed and honored.”

“I am a part of something bigger…”

Mike has become more engaged than ever in Greenwood Senior Center (GSC) activities since the pandemic started. He especially liked the eight-week course on China and is looking forward to more opportunities to dive into learning.
He says that the Zoom meetings and weekly newsletters have offered him referrals and recommendations to resources, books, and talks that he would not have known about.

Henry has always been a motivated young go-getter. He is regularly involved in meal prep for the Hot Meal Program and other volunteer projects. He recently stepped up to engage our young community in fun learning by creating and hosting an online rocket-building class for kids!

“For me, volunteering at the PNA has been not only a way to help people out, but also to connect with my neighbors and community. I have found that, whether it’s through expertise in burrito-rolling or rocket-building, I can contribute to a valuable and rewarding team and take out as much as I put in.”

“I can contribute to a valuable and rewarding team…”

When COVID-19 struck and the stay-at-home orders first rolled out, everyone was trying to figure out what to do while stuck inside. Folks realized that puzzles were amazing, and retailers were quickly sold out.

With the spirit of building community in his heart, Steve immediately came up with a solution. He built a puzzle exchange library in front of the GSC for all to use!

We’ve also been working together to provide many essential services to those especially in need of them during the pandemic, like our local seniors. Just one example is the senior center’s meal delivery program, fueled by our chef Jane and a crew of dedicated volunteers, who also put together special feasts for holidays.

Volunteer Dennis comments, “Jane and her crew are great. Plus this is multiple times per week. Not just Thanksgiving. Glad to be one of her drivers.”

If there’s any community that has needed to be resourceful to survive this last year, it is our small local businesses. Donna Frindt, of Project Canine, shared a little bit about how we’ve all needed to work together to make it through.

“I wanted to let you know how valuable the emails you have been sending out are. Because of your email recommending Umpqua Bank and Cody Baker…today we were informed we received a PPP loan from the SBA. …Our membership with PNA is actually expired, but I am going to sign up again right now. You have provided so much value during this crisis I want to be reciprocal to the PNA.”

“You have provided so much value during this crisis…”

We are strongest when we work together to support each other. Lahai Health is a wonderful Hot Meal Program partner, making our community stronger by valuing every person in it, and providing quality and compassionate health care to people who are under-served.

Lahai Health is offering free medical services every week to our hot meal participants. Folks receive medical attention, pharmacy prescriptions, first aid supplies, and follow-up treatment.

Prpod to be a PNA Member Yard sign

If you are a PNA member, you can show your support for all these ways (and more) in which we, as a community, are Meaningful, Engaged, Motivated, Builders, Essential, Resourceful, and Strong.

As part of our membership campaign, we’ll be bringing back the “Proud to Be a PNA Member” yard signs to show the community PNA love. Stay tuned for further details.

If you would like to pick-up a PNA yard sign or would like to volunteer to deliver yard signs, please email [email protected].

Also, if you haven’t renewed your membership in over 12 months, or you’d like to join for the first time, reach out to our Membership Manager Chardell at that same email address. You make us a community!


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