Holiday Monkeys

Over 200 LED-lit monkeys brighten Phinney and Greenwood each year from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

The monkeys, along with the Phinney Center’s air raid tower “GloCone,” were the brain children of the PNA Business Group and brought to life in 2014 with the help of the Greenwood Arts Council, a grant from the city’s Department of Neighborhoods and hundreds of volunteer hours. (Check out this video of a monkey being born!)

Why monkeys?

Because they’re fun and unique, and they complement WildLights at the Woodland Park Zoo, draw visitors to the neighborhood and, through their fostering fees, generate money the business group uses to sustain the troop and seed other community projects. (See KING-5’s news coverage of the project.)

Businesses: Want a monkey?

If you’re a PNA Business Group member, your business is on Phinney or Greenwood between 59th and 87th or in downtown Greenwood, monkey sign up time is now!

Learn more & sign up!

If you aren’t yet a business member, learn about joining.

Community members: Adopt a “public” monkey!

We’re looking for community members to ‘adopt’ the monkeys that play in public spaces like the library and fire station for a $25 donation. Sponsorship for the first 20 monkeys will also include two tickets to the Woodland Park Zoo’s WildLights.(Limit: two preview tickets/household). Sponsorship of monkeys without preview tickets is fully tax-deductible.

Click here to become a proud ‘parent.’


Monkeys at American Dance Institute