Neighbors helping neighbors: Janelle Abbott

Neighbors helping neighbors: Janelle Abbott
By ana-maria

by Karla Rava

Janelle Abbott is a local artist and designer, making zero waste clothing from reclaimed materials. She calls this “Wardrobe Therapy” and essentially reworks beloved but unworn garments from the closets of private clients.

Janelle has been volunteering at the PNA Village and Hot Meal Program for six years. She likes the flexible volunteer schedule and the opportunity to engage directly with the community. Since COVID, she has put her sewing skills to good use by making masks for folks. Janelle says, “It’s always a joy to use that skill to benefit others!”

Here are ten fun facts about Janelle:

  1. She collects smiley faces and thank you plastic bags.
  2. She’s a dedicated cyclist.
  3. She wrote a fictitious newspaper for 10 years called the JR Abbott Times.
  4. She and her husband went to preschool together.
  5. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in NYC with a BFA in Fashion Design.
  6. She loves to forage around Seattle for apples and blackberries.
  7. She has watched Frasier so much that she can quote lines before the actors says them.
  8. She’s been attacked by an owl, twice!
  9. She is pen pals with her grandmother.
  10. Her favorite food is peas and split pea soup.

If you are interested in learning about volunteer opportunities and signing up, contact LeAnne Chow, PNA Volunteer Program Manager, or visit our volunteer page.