Many new faces at PNA!

Many new faces at PNA!
By ana-maria

We’re growing here at the PNA and we’re excited to welcome a bunch of new folks into the PNA community over the past couple of months! Be sure to say hi if you happen to cross their paths.

Adelle McKee, Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op Pre-K Teacher

woman with long blonde hair

Adelle moved from Spokane to Seattle to start a new chapter in her life. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and is looking forward to exploring the Seattle area one adventure at a time. She’s excited to join the PNA family!

Alethea Alexander, PNA Village Program Assistant

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Alethea is a Seattle-based dance educator and artist and a passionate advocate for community engagement, social vitality, empowered self-awareness and advocacy, critical thinking, and joy. She holds an MFA in dance from UW, and has taught at many schools and organizations.  She also guides all-ages, all-abilities, all-access dance classes through Dance Church®, and performs, researches, and collaborates within the greater Seattle dance community. If you’re interested in doing any further sleuthing, check out her website! Fun Fact: During the pandemic, she upped her adventure game! She bicycled to San Francisco from Seattle, summited a mountain for the first time (South Sister, OR), and built a nylon skin-on-frame kayak.

Allison Warren, Whittier Kids Lead Teacher

young smiling woman with long dark hair

Allison is new to Seattle and is so excited to learn and grow in this wonderful city. Her teaching experience includes teaching 6th grade Math and Social Studies in Portland, Oregon for the past three years as well as directing a creative performing arts program for K-5th grade at an elementary school. She loves exploring in nature, reading, and traveling.

Corinna Singer, Whittier Kids Summer Teacher

Dark haired young woman

Corinna is from Seattle and will be headed to New York in the fall for her sophomore at Columbia University. With a background in music and activism, she hopes to create a nurturing environment for everyone. Corinna has experience teaching preschool and school-age and previously taught at Bright Horizons. She is excited to continue growing as a teacher with guidance from the Whittier Kids community. Fun fact: She went to Whittier and learned to ride unicycles with Mr. Pule.

Matt Coomer, Membership and Communications Manager

Man with dark hair and glasses

Matt is a University of Montana and Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) alum who’s worked in development and communications at several nonprofits. Prior to putting down roots in Washington, he moved around the country with his military family, enjoyed two autumns in Minneapolis, and served in Peace Corps Togo. Matt likes spending time outside with his partner and reading at home with their precious (and particular) cat, Neo. He is thrilled to join the PNA team and looks forward to connecting with its community!  Fun fact: Matt has visited 48 states and looks forward to finishing the set with MI and AK in the next few years!

Shelby Hemp, Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op Parent/Infant Teacher

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Shelby has been a teacher in the public schools for over 10 years and is transitioning her career to support families and children in their postpartum journeys. She lives in Greenwood with my husband, 2-year-old, and their old dog. They enjoy the outdoors – especially snowboarding, camping, and surfing. She’s excited to join the PNPC! Fun Fact: She loves to tie-dye and recently began experimenting with using food scraps to make homemade, eco-friendly dyes for her projects!

Teresa Tam, Social Isolation Impact Project Coordinator

dark haired woman with glasses

Teresa began volunteering with the PNA Village in 2016 and is excited to continue working with the PNA doing community outreach and program development for socially isolated older adults in our community. She has over a decade of experience in healthcare program evaluation and is passionate about supporting the mental, physical, and emotional health of others as they age.  Outside of work, Teresa enjoys spending time with family, friends, and felines; traveling; and hunting for rocks (mostly agates). Fun fact: She’s demonstrated Swiffers at Walmart.

Wubwa Ibrahim, Administrative Intern, Seattle Youth Employment Project

Young woman with glasses and head scarf

Wubwa is an intern from The Seattle Youth Employment Program, working at the Phinney Center. Besides being an intern, she’s a junior at Garfield High School and will be a senior this upcoming school year. She’s very excited to be here this summer and her goal is to get better at helping people and working on her communication skills. With the six weeks that she’s here, she hopes to leave with skills she can use in her future job. Fun Fact: She makes her coffee from scratch — from roasting the beans to grinding them and then brewing it (she’s Ethiopian and coffee is such a big part of her culture).