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  • Re-opening and reconnecting at the PNA

    Re-opening and reconnecting at the PNA

    This year has been a continual learning process in flexibility, adaptability, and leaning into the unknown. The Phinney Neighborhood Association has continued offering many services—some virtual—during this time. Looking forward, PNA staff are excited about what “opening up” will (hopefully) soon mean for the organization and our community....

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  • Open-minded: PhinneyWood navigates re-opening

    Open-minded: PhinneyWood navigates re-opening

    Opening up is a process. While we see a return of safety precautions due to the Delta variant, we look forward with hope to “opening up,” and we ask members of our community what opening up means to them in this article....

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  • PNA’s COVID-19 info and updates

    PNA’s COVID-19 info and updates

    As the COVID-19 landscape keeps changing, we are carefully monitoring and adjusting as needed for the health and safety of our staff and community. While we move forward with cautious optimism, our goal is to be transparent with our expectations and to give a variety of options for safe participation in PNA programs, services, and offerings. We'll keep our COVID-19 information page updated (found on the top menu - the row of blue buttons) with the latest on PNA's protocols and guidelines. ...

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  • Hot Meal Program Nourishes Community

    Hot Meal Program Nourishes Community

    The PNA Hot Meal Program offers meals and an array of other services, including free medical and dental clinics with partner organizations. Learn more about how it supports the community in this blog....

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  • The fall Review is here!

    The fall Review is here!

    If you're a Phinney-Greenwood resident or a PNA member, you hopefully just received The Review newspaper in your mailbox. If you're not, you can read it online or pick it up at the Phinney Center (and later this week at the local NW Seattle libraries). In this issue, read about what "re-opening" means in our community, take a stroll down a Healthy Street, learn about the Cafe Streets program, water your garden wisely, meet local businesses, and more. ...

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  • September events bloom at GSC

    September events bloom at GSC

    As the end of summer approaches, the Greenwood Senior Center has interesting free events planned for all ages, both in-person and online. Check out these early September GSC happenings and sign up today!...

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  • PhinneyWood’s trail of treats

    PhinneyWood’s trail of treats

    PhinneyWood is home to many incredible cafes and bakeries. Take a stroll through the neighborhood and try to taste every delicious dessert on this fun tour!...

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  • The ‘pandemic pets’ of PhinneyWood

    The ‘pandemic pets’ of PhinneyWood

    If you think you've noticed more pets walking around the neighborhood, in windowsills, or in the background of Zoom calls, then you might be right! One pleasant surprise during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a boom in pet adoptions. Our new blog discusses this shift and features many cute animal pics!...

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  • Greenwood Senior Center to serve as cooling center

    Greenwood Senior Center to serve as cooling center

    Hot temps are coming again! Our Greenwood Senior Center will serve as one of the City’s Cooling Centers, where (masked) people can come to our air-conditioned Greenwood Room to cool off. Hours are Thursday and Friday 10 am to 4:30 pm and Saturday, 1-5 pm. Please call ahead at 206.297.0875....

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  • Business Spotlight: Cooper Boom Design

    Business Spotlight: Cooper Boom Design

    Andrea Krajeski is a Northwest native with an eye for interior design. Since she was a teenager, she’s enjoyed outfitting rooms, repainting walls, and repurposing old furniture she’d find in thrift stores or on the side of the road. Now she’s taking this passion to the next level at Copper Boom Design....

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