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  • PNA seeks an Executive Director

    PNA seeks an Executive Director

    The PNA is excited to announce we’ve begun a search for our next Executive Director. Do you know someone with the vision, passion, and character to be our next leader? The PNA has been a cornerstone of North Seattle over the past 40 years, and this is a wonderful opportunity for a community-oriented, dynamic, and agile leader to guide this organization into the future. Our next Executive Director will be a creative problem solver who can bring out the best in both a spreadsheet and a staff person; a relationship builder with operational savvy and a deep and unwavering commitment to working with a team to build a diverse, equitable and anti-racist organization. Click through to get more details about the position and the full job description, including salary range. Preference given to candidates who apply by December 15....

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  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Stacia Hofmann

    Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Stacia Hofmann

    Stacia Hofmann, a small business attorney, is a volunteer at the Greenwood Senior Center's Tech Mentoring Program. Albeit not having a tech or engineering background, Stacia is inspired primarily by her grandmother who was quite tech savvy and has been a mentor since 2017. She found that once seniors learn a new technology's basic behavior and characteristics, they are able to take it and run with it. Lately, she’s been helping seniors over video chat and says, “I learn from them too, like fun hobby or niche apps.” Read more and learn 10 fun facts about Stacia!...

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  • Power of Community a “virtual” success!

    Power of Community a “virtual” success!

    Thanks to everyone who attended the ninth annual (and first virtual) Power of Community event on October 15! We are so thrilled! We had 168 attendees at the event, and together, with our awesome sponsors, we raised more than $79,000 for senior programs! If you contributed to that amount, thank you so much! We are grateful for all those who gave their time and commitment to our community and to the elders who make it special....

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  • Living alone through COVID-19: Gloria’s Story

    Living alone through COVID-19: Gloria’s Story

    Gloria, a PNA Village elder, says the Village has made her a bit spoiled during the pandemic. “I feel like a queen,” she says, “eating all this delicious food!” She gets a meal delivery and lunches from the Greenwood Senior Center every week. Until the stay-at-home order, she was traveling to the Center twice a week (getting rides from a PNA Village volunteer) for lunch, socializing, and meetings. She misses all that and tries to keep up with friends on the phone, but it’s not the same for this self-described “people person and activist.”...

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  • Virtual Zumba keeps seniors active and connected

    Virtual Zumba keeps seniors active and connected

    Who put the Zoom in Zumba? Find out by trying the now-online dance class that’s helping to keep seniors connected and engaged. Zumba exercise classes at the Greenwood Senior Center have been a popular staple over the years, offering both a 30-minute toning session followed by an hour of aerobic dance three days a week. “My last class teaching at the center was March 9th,” says Zumba instructor, Penny Fuller, who at 78 remains an energetic teacher. Undaunted, Penny learned how to hold classes online via the video-conferencing app, Zoom, and she’s been teaching from her Magnolia condo ever since. “I’m thrilled to be able to do this,” she says. And so is one of her longtime students, Terry Hudgens, now recovering from an arduous year of treatments for breast cancer. ...

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  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Kevin Kozel

    Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Kevin Kozel

    The name Kevin Kozel might ring a bell and that’s because he’s a writer for the PhinneyWood blog... The spotlight is now turned on Kevin because he’s a volunteer writer and his contribution to the PNA and community is greatly appreciated. Kevin’s story kicks off this new monthly series called Neighbors Helping Neighbors, with the aim to thank volunteers like Kevin and get to know them better....

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  • The Review Newspaper: Fall online edition

    The Review Newspaper: Fall online edition

    You may be used to receiving our quarterly Review newspaper in the mail if you live in Phinney Ridge or Greenwood or if you’re a PNA member. Because of COVID-19 financial constraints, we had to make the difficult decision to take Review online. We hope to be back to print soon, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll take some time to peruse the online edition. ...

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  • Save the date to support local seniors: The Power of Community

    Save the date to support local seniors: The Power of Community

    It's the ninth year of our Power of Community event! Usually, we meet for breakfast in the fall, hear an inspiring speaker or two, and learn about what's new and important in senior programs. Of course, we can't enjoy our coffee in the same room this year, but we can still get together virtually and celebrate and support the work of the Greenwood Senior Center, the PNA Village, our memory loss programs, and caregiver supports.  Join us on Thursday, October 15, 12-1 pm (you don't have to get up early this year!) for this Zoom event featuring the theme "Alone Together."...

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  • PNA Board of Directors seeks candidates

    The PNA is seeking candidates for its Board of Directors and we would love to hear from you. We are looking for community members who are passionate about the PNA’s mission to build community, and who are excited to envision and strategize organizational change / programmatic transformation to respond to the pandemic as well as our accelerated effort to become a more diverse and inclusive organization by bringing an equity lens to all that we do. ...

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  • Updates & Happenings August

    Updates & Happenings August

    If you aren't on our email list (or if you are... check your "junk" folder?), you might not have received our latest update of goings-on, upcoming activities, and ways to get involved. If you're curious, check it out! ...

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