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  • Love working with kids? Join the Whitter Kids Team!

    Love working with kids? Join the Whitter Kids Team!

    Our Whittier Kids program is on the lookout for our next Associate Director and a Lead Teacher. Whittier Kids is a PNA's kids' program, offering before- and after-school licensed childcare, preschool, and summer camps, on-site at Whittier Elementary. Come join our fantastic team of folks who are dedicated to the positive development of children, creativity, and fun! ...

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  • The summer Review is here!

    The summer Review is here!

    If you're a Phinney-Greenwood resident or a PNA member, watch your mail in the coming week for The Review newspaper. If you're not, you can read it online or pick it up at the Phinney Center. In this issue, read about 'pandemic pets' of PhinneyWood, find the sweetest treats in the neighborhood, meet a famous Phinney kayaker and some veterinary volunteers, and get the latest on events, activities, and PNA programs. ...

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  • City Council votes to transfer senior center property to PNA

    City Council votes to transfer senior center property to PNA

    Council Bill 120086 Passes City Council! We're excited to announce that the City Council just voted to finalize the ownership transfer of the Greenwood Senior Center’s building from the City to the PNA. Thank you so much to our community whose support helped make this happen....

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  • We’re hiring; join the PNA team!

    We’re hiring; join the PNA team!

    We're excited to announce a new opportunity to join the PNA team! We’re looking for a creative Membership and Communications Manager who will engage with the community in meaningful ways - contributing to the PNA’s mission by increasing awareness, participation, and membership. If this sounds like a good fit for you, or someone you know, click "read more" to check out the job description and help spread the word! We're also hiring teachers for our Whittier Kids and preschool co-op programs. Come work at the PNA and help build a strong and vibrant community!...

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  • Zoom Away with the PNA: A swell adventure!

    Zoom Away with the PNA: A swell adventure!

    On Saturday, May 8, PNA friends gathered on a virtual “trip” for our spring party and fundraiser: Zoom Away with the PNA. Folks zipped around the neighborhood, tested local and world knowledge, met community members, shared stories and tidbits in the chat, and donated generously. Zoom Away travelers gave over $18,500 to PNA’s community programs! We’re hoping to top it off with another $5,000 by the week’s end, so if you’d like to help meet the goal, click "read more." Missed it? You can check out the videos - including a fun PhinneyWood jaunt with neighborhood sights and PNA highlights. ...

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  • Celebrating Teacher Sally: Retiring after 20+ years

    Celebrating Teacher Sally: Retiring after 20+ years

    It's the end of an era for PNA's Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Co-op (PNPC): Teacher Sally Watkins is retiring after more than twenty years! From 1999 to the present, Sally has brought joy and learning to hundreds of children. During her tenure at the preschool, she has taught the Two’s class, started a mixed-age class (in the evening, --that’s dedication!), led a Toddler class, and of course finished with 10 years as the beloved Pre-K teacher. Whether or not you've met Sally, read the heartfelt tribute by fellow teacher and parent, Cat Hoekman. ...

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  • Greenwood Senior Center comes home

    Greenwood Senior Center comes home

    Since 1977, the Greenwood Senior Center has provided essential services to the community from its home on N. 85th St. We are excited to announce that the PNA and the City of Seattle are in final negotiations for the transfer of ownership of the property from the City to the PNA. As you may already know, we have been working with the City on the details of this transfer for ten years. The finalization of the contract will make the PNA sole owner of the property....

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  • Getting Ready to Zoom Away

    Getting Ready to Zoom Away

    “Zoom Away with the PNA” is just around the corner on May 8 and we’re having a blast planning the “trip” for you! Last week, we went behind the camera in the neighborhood... you’ll get to see the fun creation with some familiar faces (and maybe some new surprises) at the event. We also put together fantastic gift card giveaway bundles for awesome local businesses. Each week until the event, we’ll pick a random winner from the folks who have RSVPed. Click “read more” to RSVP and learn about the other fun features of “Zoom Away” – the food specials, the event theme, and of course, the option to support our fabulous community. ...

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  • Calling all new PhinneyWood pets!

    Calling all new PhinneyWood pets!

    Are you a pet who became a new member of a Phinney-Greenwood household in the past year? We want to hear from your pet parent!  We are writing an article for the PNA's Review newspaper about pets adopted or acquired during the pandemic and we have a short survey for folks who have a new furry, feathered, or scaly friend! There's even an option to upload a photo, which means you might even get to see your cute self in print! So, please go ask your human to help out the PNA and take five minutes to answer some easy questions by April 15 about their favorite topic -- you!  ...

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  • Members Make Us…

    Members Make Us…

    This month, we're launching our annual PNA Membership Campaign to show our appreciation for our incredible members, and to (hopefully) engage new folks to join. For the last 41 years, members have been the backbone of the PNA. Our staff spent some time reflecting on some of the stories that our neighbors have shared with us—especially in this past year—of ways that being part of the PNA community has impacted their lives. We know that the PNA wouldn’t exist without our members. Members make us—and our community—Meaningful, Engaged, Motivated, Build(ers), Essential, Resourceful, and Strong(er). ...

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