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  • Don’t Stop Believin’ Fundraising Campaign

    Don’t Stop Believin’ Fundraising Campaign this time of need.   Donate Now   Your impact! Thank you to our awesome community! More than 1,000 donors have contributed over $230,000 to PNA’s emergency campaign, helping us protect our future and continue vital services, such as: Feeding our neighbors three times weekly through our Hot Meal......

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  • Retail

    ...closed Sat and Sun. We will remain curb-side and delivery only, to reduce exposure risk to our staff. Best way to reach us is via email, and we strongly encourage online ordering! We are currently not answering our communal shop phone. Update: 6/11/2020   PNA’s COVID-19 Information & Updates Page......

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  • Stay Home If You Are Sick (PNA Policy)

    ...fever Please stay home if you exhibit any of the following: Fever > 100° F Vomiting Diarrhea: more than one watery stool in a 24-hour period Consistent cough that is not related to asthma or seasonal allergies Excessive nasal drainage Sore throat, especially with fever or swollen glands in the......

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  • Winter Festival Vendor Application

    ...are accepted and you cancel before Nov. 1, you will receive a 50 percent booth refund. After Nov. 1, you will receive a 50 percent refund only if your booth space can be filled. Only the $25 jury fee will be due at the time that the application is submitted.......

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  • A fond farewell

    A fond farewell

    by Lee Harper, PNA Executive Director With extraordinary gratitude and quite a bit of sadness, and after almost ten years as the Executive Director of this fantastic organization, I have decided to step down in early October. On a sunny and warm day in my 20s, I participated in my......

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  • Meet the makers of our 41st Winter Festival & Crafts Fair

    Meet the makers of our 41st Winter Festival & Crafts Fair make and create? “I love the process of turning an idea that exists only in my head into an object someone can use and feel connected to. It’s special to make unique pieces for people, knowing there’s only one exactly like that because I made it with my hands.......

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  • The “theme” of friendship

    The “theme” of friendship

    ...Themes help guide and generate rich conversation. “All of our members have been able to share, even people who are a little bit more shy. Everyone is glad to know that every second Friday of the month, we meet. That’s the ‘connecting’ part that’s important – the really getting to......

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  • Refund & Registration Policies

    ...your rental agreement). Event Exhibitor Fees: Winter Festival: Application fees are fully refunded one month prior to the event date and only if the exhibitor canceling can be replaced with another exhibitor. Questions? If you have questions, please email us at [email protected] or call the front desk at 206.783.2244. Last......

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  • PNA Village: Services

    PNA Village: Services

    ...they need or want to go. This includes medical appointments, grocery shopping, or classes and community events. Friendly Visitors: Members who request this service are matched with volunteers for regular social visits. Friendly Visitors can also provide calls to members for specific purposes, like reminders about Village activities, friendly conversation,......

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  • Previous Gallery Shows

    Previous Gallery Shows

    ...Allison, Susan Aurand, Marianne Owen Beattie, Jack Broom, Kathy Collins, Su Cummings, Bronwyn Groman, Ellen Hamm, Lee Harper, Sandra Hearn, Wendy James, Kelly Johnston, Pat Kelly, Judy Kuskin, S.R. Lane, Sonya Lang, Esther Loopstra, Paul McKee, Anna McKee, Laurie Radin, Ann Ringstad, Hannah Salia, Janice Tayler, Martha Thomas, Brenda Veland,......

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