Phinney Cooperative Preescolar en Español

El PCPE es un preescolar cooperativo en español que ofrece un entorno de aprendizaje seguro, educativo y rico tanto para los padres como para  los niños, al mismo tiempo que fomenta y estimula el proceso de desarrollo integral del niño, en un contexto de comunidad y celebración de las diversas culturas latinas.

The PCPE is a Spanish-speaking cooperative preschool that provides a safe, nurturing, and rich learning environment for both parents and children, encouraging and supporting the whole child and his/her development process in the context of community and in celebration of diverse Latino cultures.

PCPE has moved!

For the past 12 years, the Phinney Cooperativa Preescolar en Español (PCPE)—Phinney Spanish-language Cooperative Preschool—has brought families together in the Phinney Center Blue Room. PCPE partnered with the PNA and North Seattle College to bring the only Spanish-speaking cooperative preschool experience to Seattle.

This month, PCPE is starting a new chapter and relocating their preschool co-op to North Seattle College. We will miss their vibrant energy at the Phinney Center, but we celebrate the co-op moving forward and growing in the community.
PCPE will continue to support children in their development while fostering community, celebrating diverse Latino cultures, and reinforcing Spanish-language learning for generations to come.

PCPE is currently offering day camps this summer and enrolling for the fall. Learn more at

¡Buena suerte, PCPE!


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