Planting? Get Free Seeds!

Planting? Get Free Seeds!
By ana-maria

Getting ready to to start your garden? Before you go out and buy seeds, consider scoring some heirloom varieties for free! Did you know that the Phinney Center’s Tool Library houses a branch of the King County Seed Library?

The King County Seed Library is a community of seed savers and sharers located in the Seattle area, who support our bioregional seed companies, educate gardeners about seed-saving, and host community seed events. Saving seed is a vital step in keeping alive our most-beloved or possibly rare varieties of edible plants. In a marketplace ruled by popularity, where only the best-selling varieties are propagated, the future diversity of our gardens may depend on our tenacity in keeping alive a wide selection of cultivars. The Library has  five locations and the Phinney Center is happy to host the Northwest Seattle branch!

Come on down to the Seed Library during  anytime during the Tool Library’s open hours, peruse the seeds, and take some home. When the season’s over, harvest some and bring them back if you can, to keep the cycle going.

The hours are: 

Wednesdays, 3-6:30 pm
Fridays, 5-7 pm
Saturdays, 9 am-2 pm

The entrance to the PNA Tool Library & Seed Library located at 6615 Dayton. You can park either on the street or in the two loading spots in the driveway next to the Tool Library, or in the lower lot, and take the side stairs down to Dayton.

Happy gardening!